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Workshops and Certifications


FitWell Workshop #3Tuesday, October 23rd | 6:00pm-6:45pm | SRC Room 102

  • What’s Really in Your Food? Learning to Navigate Nutrition.

This workshop will educate patrons on how to read nutritional labels on food while they are grocery shopping. We will teach patrons how to shop at the grocery store in order to promote healthy options and avoid temptations. For patrons that spend a lot of time on campus, we will also provide “This, Not That” suggestions for eating in dining halls, the Mountainlair, etc. FitWell Workshops are open to SRC members and non-members. 


YogaFit Certification CourseNovember 3rd and 4th

FitWell Workshop #4Thursday, November 29th | 6:00pm-6:45pm | SRC Room 102

  • Exam Stress? How to Use Exercise and Nutrition to Manage Your Stress.

This workshop will discuss exercise and nutrition to help manage stress. For example, exercising and not eating enough, over-exercising, etc. FitWell workshops are open to SRC member and non-members. 


Winter Break Schedule Release

  • Runs December 16th - January 5th

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