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Pro Shop


The Pro Shop is located in the main lobby of the West Virginia University Student Recreation Center and has the gear you need for your next workout or sporting event. We have a wide selection of items available for checkout, rental, or purchase. Equipment checkout is available to WVU students and Student Recreation Center members.

Equipment Checkout

Some equipment can be checked out for outdoor use only.

Cornhole Disc Golf Frisbees Footballs
Frisbees KanJam Soccer Balls
Tennis Balls Tennis Rackets Volleyballs

Items for Sale

Price (tax included)
Price (tax included)
Price (tax included)
Body Armor Drink
$2.34 Adventure Water Bottle $13.09 Adapter $9.81
Core Power 26 G $3.04 Adventure Sticker $3.04 Headphones $1.87
Core Power 42 G
$3.50 Hairspray  $0.93 Racquetball   $1.87
Monster Energy Drink
Duo Headbands $10.51 Shuttlecock $2.57
Reign Energy Drink $3.04
Flip Flops $2.80 Squash Ball $3.74
Powerade $1.64
Scrunchies $9.11 Tennis Ball Can $5.19
Lenny and Larry Cookies
$3.04 Swim Goggles
$12.14 Chalk Ball $6.54
Socks $1.64
Swim Caps
Dry Shampoo $4.91
Campus Rec Fanny Pack
Deodorant $1.87 Campus Rec Keychain
Locker Locks $4.67 Campus Rec Sticker
Climbing Chalk $6.54 Campus Rec Towel $4.44
Hair Ties $0.47
Adapter $9.81