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Group Fitness Classes

Don't know which group fitness class to take? Check out all we have to offer!


A hybrid workout class combining elements of ballet, yoga, Pilates and strength conditioning. This workout utilizes light dumbbells combined with your own body weight and high repetitions to give you a great muscular endurance workout.

Beginner F45

New to F45? Come try out this introductory class to learn all about it! Beginner F45 will provide participants with the same High-Intensity Interval Training workout as the regular class, but with more rest time in-between working sets. This class is great if you are just starting out and want to build up endurance.


A class that is ideal for anyone and everyone. Combining elements of yoga, tai chi and pilates. BodyFlow will improve your body and your mind. Breathing control is a part of all the exercises. 


"The Original Barbell Class."  Using light to moderate weights with lots of repetition, this is the ideal workout for anyone looking to get lean, toned and fit! BODYPUMP will give you a total body workout with scientifically backed moves and techniques coordinated with great music and motivation. 


The ultimate indoor cycle workout where you will experience intervals, climbing hills and sprints - just like on a real bike! Come experience this intense workout that is sure to get your legs burning and your heart pumping.

Fitness Swim

Whether you are an experienced swimmer, a triathlete or an intermediate fitness swimmer - the Fitness Swim Program has a lane just for you. This program is designed to improve your swimming, help you learn and implement new techniques and take your current workouts to the next level with the help of a supportive community. We are a group of water enthusiasts looking to meet new people, have fun and get fit in the water.

Full Body Strength

Is designed to work all muscle groups with a variety of strengthening and conditioning exercises. This class aims to tone the upper and lower body using various pieces of equipment and bodyweight.


F45 workouts combine elements of High-Intensity Interval Training with circuit and functional training. This class provides participants with 1-on-1 coaching in a group fitness setting. Be sure to check out the Cardio, Resistance and Hybrid-based workouts!

F45 Combat

Come punch and kick your way into a great workout! F45 combat exhibits the same High-Intensity Interval Training as the regular F45 class, with the addition of boxing gloves and punching bags. Come partner-up and for this class that will leave you sweating and smiling.

HIGH Fitness

High Fitness combines old-school aerobics, modern fitness techniques and upbeat music to create a fun, cardiovascular workout.

HIIT Cardio

This High-Intensity Interval Training class focuses on working hard for short periods of time. You will use various equipment and bodyweight to ensure you sweat and feel great! Modifications for all fitness levels are provided.

HIIT the Deck

Aquatic Fitness Class: Get exercising with us in this high-intensity aquatic exercise class. This session is guaranteed to get your heart pumping and body moving. Join us for 45 minutes of intense full-body exercise challenging both strength and endurance. Exercises are carried out in shallow water; swimming skills are not required. Push your limits and HIIT the Deck!

Les Mills Core

Is a 30- or 45-minute core workout that uses resistance bands, weight plates and body weight exercises such as crunches and hovers. This class also focuses on exercises for the hips, glutes and lower back for an all-encompassing core workout.

Morning Movement

Aqua Class: Jumpstart your day with this low impact aquatic exercise class. Each session will keep you moving through a diverse set of exercise combinations, including flexibility, range of motion and balance techniques. Exercisers of all levels, beginner to advances, are welcomed and encouraged to join the class. Exercises are carried out in shallow water; swimming skills are not required. Take the plunge and get moving!


Pilates will help focus your mind and your body. This class focuses on building strength, flexibility, balance and coordination with a variety of exercises and equipment. This mat-based workout will strengthen your core while your instructor provides great motivation.

Running Class

This class will give you the knowledge, fitness and confidence to get out on your own running adventure. Learn from experienced coaches how to pace and control your breath for cardiovascular endurance. Come run with us!

Silver Sneakers

This class focuses on strengthening muscles and increasing range of motion for daily life activities. Participants will use hand-held weights, resistance bands and body weight for exercises that can be tailored to all fitness levels.


Create harmony in your mind and body as you pair movement with breath. Expect to engage your core, challenge your balance and increase your flexibility.


Combines high-energy music from all over the world with easy-to-follow dance moves in an effective workout that is tons of fun! Zumba is perfect for ALL fitness levels. Participants are invited to make up their own moves, to laugh and to have fun! Come and ZUMBA!

Meet Our Instructors

Meet the staff and instructors that make our fitness classes possible. 

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