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Who is a Lazy Girl?

“My name’s Holly and I’m a Lazy Girl”

“Hi, Holly”

This is not an intervention, and this is not an addiction meeting. This is the first day of many, on a journey that we as #lazypeople might get too tired to actually go on but will attempt to start.

I have never stepped foot on a treadmill and honestly don’t plan to. I walk to class (uphill both ways), and when I go to the gym I go on the elliptical with the least amount of buttons. When I use the lifting machines, I stare intently at the diagrams, while making it look like I’m stretching or switching songs on my phone.

I might want to look better and have toned muscles but I’m the type of person who will be in the middle of a set, and if I get too tired, I will just set the weight down, and walk away.

I’m not going to be telling you “here’s the only way to get fit” and how “we can go on this journey of self-improvement together.” I’m here to show you that you can justify the little effort you do into making yourself a healthier person. It’s not about what you look like, it’s about how your body feels.

Yes, that was cheesy, and I promise to not be an entire mush ball, but everyone needs an inspirational quote to hang up over their desk with a kitten on it.

I identify as a #lazygirl because I don’t want to work hard enough to look as skinny as Kendall Jenner or want to gain so much muscle mass I can rip apart tree trunks like Chris Evans ( *swoons*).

To identify as a #lazygirl, you don’t have to be a girl at all. We don’t discriminate here. You could be a #lazyboy (as long as you’re not the recliner), or you could be a #lazyperson. See we’re so lazy we don’t capitalize the L. Which, speaking of, we won’t take. I won’t stand for it.

You might be a nervous person who can’t work up the courage to try new machines, let alone walk into the gym. And that’s okay. Honestly, becoming a #lazygirl is all about adapting to your surroundings and doing what you can to feel better about yourself.

In a gym or on your couch, let’s go be lazy together.

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