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Class Instructors

Alex A.

alex Major: Exercise Physiology

Certifications: F45, Licensed Physical Therapy Assistant, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Sports Nutrition

Experience: 2+ years as a certified personal trainer, first year instructor

Classes Taught: F45

Ali J.

Occupation: Director of Science Adventure School/ Educator

Experience: 2 years

Classes Taught: BODYPUMP, GRIT

Allison A.

Allison Occupation: PhD Candidate in Material Science and Engineering

Certifications: BODYATTACK

Experience: Started teaching BODYATTACK in May 2019

Classes Taught: BODYATTACK

Caileigh A.

caileigh Major: M.S. in Athletic Coaching Education

Certifications: F45

Experience: 2 years

Classes Taught: F45

Corrine P.

corrine Occupation: Coordinator for Youth Programming, Customer Service and Events

Certifications: Grit, F45

Experience:  One year  teaching group exercise classes. 4 years of experience in the campus recreation field.

Classes Taught: F45

Elizabeth B. 

elizabeth Occupation:  Middle School Science Teacher

Certifications: BODYPUMP, PiYo Live, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Experience: Started personal training in 2018 and teaching group fitness since 2018

Classes Taught: BODYPUMP, Barre

Gillian W. 

Major:  Journalism and Dance

Experience: First Year

Classes Taught: Barre

Jaclyn P.

jaclyn Occupation: 1st Grade Teacher

Certifications: Les Mills BODYPUMP AIM 1

Experience: 5 years of teaching various group fitness classes

Classes Taught: BODYPUMP, GRIT

Jacob B.

Major: Sports and Exercise psychology

Experience: 1st year

Classes Taught: F45

Jen Mac

jen mac

Certifications: AFAA Group Fitness Certification, BODYPUMP, BODYPUMP Advanced Instructor Module, CXWORX, F45

Experience: 10+ years as a group fitness instructor, M.A. in Student Development, M.S. Ed in Health and Physical Education

Classes Taught: BODYPUMP, GRIT, F45

Jordan B.

jordan Major:  Physical Education Teaching

Certifications: HIGH Fitness

Experience: One year teaching group fitness classes

Classes Taught: High Fitness

Jordan L.

Major: Mandarin Chinese and Theater

Certifications: Zumba

Experience: Started teaching Zumba classes in January 2019

Classes Taught: Zumba

Kali A.

Occupation: Part Time Teacher

Experience: 15 Years

Classes Taught: Ballet Fitness

Kassidy H.

Major: Public Health

Experience: Four years of experience

Classes Taught: Cycle, Barre, F45

Kimberly Z.

Occupation: Faculty at WVU CPASS

Experience: 25 Years

Classes Taught: Cycle

Kylie L.

Occupation: Patient Navigator at WVU Medicine

Experience: Four years of experience

Classes Taught: BodyFlow, BodyPump

Lindsay M.

lindsay Occupation: Health and Fitness Coach

Certifications: BODYPUMP, Mad Dogg Spinning

Experience: One year as a group exercise instructor, active Les Mills member for 5 years

Classes Taught:  Cycle, BodyPump

Megan T.

megan Occupation: Bank Teller

Certifications: BODYATTACK, BODYPUMP, Battle Fit, Move It

Experience: Group Exercise instructor for Four years

Classes Taught: BodyPump, BodyAttack

Melissa W.

melissa Occupation: Registered Nurse

Certifications: Schwinn Cycling Instructor

Experience: Started teaching cycling in November 2018, indoor cycling participant for over 10 years, outdoor road biking for 5 years

Classes Taught: Cycle, F45

Mikayla L.

mikayla Major: Occupational Therapy

Certifications: F45

Experience: One year teaching group exercise classes

Classes Taught: F45

Nancy B.

nancy Occupation: Entrepreneur

Certifications: NETA Primary Group Exercise, Mad Dogg spinning

Experience: 17+ years teaching group exercise classes, Bachelors degree in Exercise Physiology and Masters in Public Health from WVU

Classes Taught: Cycle

Rob H.


Certifications: NASM Certified Trainer, TRX certified, F45

Experience: 5+ years of personal training, B.S. in Sport and Exercise Psychology and Masters of Public Health from WVU, only TRX certified trainer in the state of West Virginia

Classes Taught: TRX, F45

Ryan J.

Major: Sport Management

Experience: 3 years of experience

Classes Taught: Hip Hop, Barre, Cycle, Yoga, F45

Ryan W.

ryan Occupation: PE teacher

Certifications: Registered Yoga Alliance Instructor

Experience: Yoga instructor for 4 years, Six years total experience

Classes Taught: Yoga

Scott G.

scott Occupation: Senior Business Technical Analyst

Certifications: Spinning Level II - Advanced

Experience: 10 years of Spinning, instructing since 2015, SpinPower instructor

Classes Taught: Cycle

Skyler N.

Major: Athletic Training

Experience: One Year of experience

Classes Taught: F45

Sophia K.

sophia Major: Nursing

Certifications: Zumba

Experience: One year teaching Zumba classes

Classes Taught: Zumba, Hip Hop

Stephanie M.

stphanie Occupation: Clinical faculty member in Department of Psychology, Assistant Director of the Quin Curtis Center, Athletic Coaching Education instructor, basketball and cross country coach

Certifications: NASM Personal Training, BODYJAM, BODYPUMP, CXWORX, AAAI Pilates Mat, AAAI Cycling, AFAA Group Fitness, FIT TO DELIVER Prenatal Fitness, FIT4BABY Prenatal Fitness, Zumba, Aqua Zumba, BOKWA, AEA Aquatic Fitness, Barre Above, F45

Experience: 20+ years teaching group fitness

                                                             Classes Taught: BodyPump, F45, Zumba, Hip Hop, Barre



Certifications:  20+ years training Egyptian style belly dance, Aziza of Montreal’s Teacher Training, Journey Through Egypt Level 1 with Sahra Saeeda

Experience: Middle Eastern Dance from Cairo and the Nile Valley/Upper Egypt, group exercise instructor for 10+ years

Classes Taught: Belly Dance

Terezia G.

terezia Major: Immunology and Medical Microbiology

Certifications: Yoga Teacher Training

Experience: Yoga instructor for 2+ years, student of Yoga for 4+ years

Classes Taught: Yoga

Zack H.

Major: Exercise Physiology

Experience: First Year

Classes Taught: F45

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