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Winter Workout Motivation

Winter is here! During this chilled season, many individuals can find themselves struggling to get the motivation to wake up, let alone keep up their workout goals. 

While it may seem to be a daunting task to manage your winter health, there are some ways to keep up your motivation during these cold times. 

One important thing to do is try to find and keep a consistent schedule. 

Because of the shorter days, it can be difficult to wake up. Consider investing in a sun lamp to simulate natural daylight and help combat the dark. 

Having an alarm that caters to your personal preferences can also make mornings easier. Active explains that hearing something that gets you going boosts your mood and energy. 

It is extremely important to prepare prior to workouts in the winter. Stretching and completing a warm up prior to exercising lowers the risk of sprains and other injuries. An article from Health Shots explains that by warming up, you increase your blood circulation and core temperature which can help to prevent injuries. 

Glamour Magazine explains that enlisting a workout partner can help to hold you accountable. Knowing someone is waiting for you assists in combatting any urge to cancel a workout. An active workout partner can also encourage you to try new things and keep your motivation levels high. 

Having appropriate, stylish clothes for a winter workout not only makes you feel great but look great as well. If you don’t have the right clothes, you may end up feeling colder than before due to incorrect material. 

Aaptiv suggests layering up with the correct clothing to keep your muscles nice and toasty, helping your body to stay warmed up prior to exercise. If you end up overheating, you can simply shed the layers. 

If you’re struggling with keeping up your routine, remember that you’re not alone. Be realistic with your goals and try to stay consistent. 

According to Hal Borland, “No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn.”

About the Author

Riley Reid is a staff writer for WVUGo.