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Aquatics Area


The leisure pool (84 degrees) is a shallow pool with a beach-style entry leading into a depth of 4.5 feet. It has two sets of steps, a seating area, bubble couch, vortex area, and two lanes for lap swimming.

The fitness pool (79 degrees) is six lanes wide and 25 yards long, and ranges from 4 to 9 feet deep. This pool is used for fitness swimming, classes and Club and Intramural Sports.

The aquatic area also features a cloverleaf-shaped spa (102 degrees) with 14 jets and a 20-person capacity. Please note, children under 13 years of age are not permitted in the spa.

  • Kickboards and pull buoys are available for use in lane areas. Water basketballs and volleyballs are available for use in the leisure pool.
  • Adult supervision is required in the aquatics area for children under 13 years of age.
  • Children over the age of 5 are not permitted in opposite sex lock rooms. Family changing rooms are available for your convenience.


The Aquatic Facility closes one hour prior to the Student Recreation Center for daily maintenance. 

Leisure pool will have limited space during swim lessons. 

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