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Regular hours of operations are in effect. The Student Recreation Center will close at 4:00 PM on Tuesday, August 16th due to Fall Fest. The Downtown Fitness Center will remain open.

Aquatics Policies and Procedures

Violations of the following general rules or any conduct which may endanger or impair the safety of anyone, including abuse or misuse of the facility or its equipment, may be cause for permanent expulsion from the Aquatics Area at the discretion of Aquatics staff.

Pool Policies:

  • Swimsuits must be worn by all participants. At no time are loose-fitting draped coverings, workout clothing or under garments permitted. Only clean appropriate attire designed for swimming is permitted. Specifically, street clothes, sports bras and underwear/compression shorts, thongs, and see-through swimwear are prohibited.
    • A well-fit t-shirt and/or clean aqua socks may be worn into the pool.

  • The following are not permitted within the pool area:
    • Inflatable swimming aids and toys
    • Squirt guns/toys
    • Use of kickboards and pull buoys for other than their intended use.
    • Hyperventilation, underwater breath holding games and swimming underwater for more than 1/2 of the length of the pool is not permitted.

  • All floatation devices must be US Coast Guard approved. Life jackets are available free of charge.
  • All participants requiring diapers are required to wear designated swim diapers with an elastic plastic lining under swimwear.
  • Showers are encouraged before entering the pool area.
  • Participants are not permitted in the pool area with open sores, ear, eye, nose infections or with bandages/adhesive tape. Campus Recreation reserves the right to refuse admittance for health concerns.
  • Anyone who has or has had diarrhea in the last two (2) weeks shall not use the pool. 

LAP Pool Use:

  • Swimming tests are required for youth under 13 years of age to enter the LAP pool. Tests will be conducted by a lifeguard on surveillance break in the leisure pool if time allows. A swim test includes the following:
    • Continuous swim 25 yards on front, followed by 1 minute of treading water or floating and climbing out without using the ladder


  • A parent, legal guardian or other adult must accompany any users under the age of 13 years.

Lightning Policy:

  • In accordance with Campus Recreation risk management policy, our pools will close for 20 minutes after the last sight of lightning before resuming activity. This call will be made by the Aquatic Staff.