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The Student Recreation Center will be CLOSED on Thursday, July 4th.
For information regarding closures, hour changes, and more, please visit our Facility Impacts page.

General Questions

Questions about how to effectively navigate through the Rec Center are answered below.

Are masks required in the Recreation Center?

No, masks are recommended.

What style/type of clothing do I have to wear to work out?

WVU Campus Rec requires clothing that covers the shoulders, chest and torso. This is both for men and women. Additionally, we require close-toed shoes. All clothing must meet these requirements to workout/recreate within the facility.

What happens if I forget my student ID?

No worries! Simply download and login to the WVUGo app — there is a barcode that you can scan.

Can anyone use the climbing wall?

Yes! Everyone is welcome, regardless of your climbing skills.

Can I drink my protein shake in the building?

No. Due to the various types of workout supplements, WVU Campus Rec does not recommend or condone consuming various supplemental drinks past the front desk. Ultimately, we only allow water in a resealable container to be taken past the front desk due to spillage and clogging the water fountains when dumped.

Can I play my own music while working out or playing basketball?

We ask that all personal music be played on personal earbuds/listening headwear. This is to respect everyone's taste in music, as we have multicultural and generational members that utilize our facility. Besides, we have great house music being played throughout the facility for everyone's convenience.

Do I have to reserve a court to play basketball?

Our multipurpose courts are typically first-come, first-serve during open recreation hours. Because our facility is funded and operationally run by WVU students, they are our top priority. Please see our open recreation schedule for times when the courts are open to basketball.

How can I get to the Rec Center if I live downtown?

The bus and PRT can take you to the Evansdale campus. Parking is also available.

Does Campus Recreation have a lost and found?

If you believe that your missing item could be at the Student Recreation Center, you may call the front desk at 304-293-7529 or come in during operational hours. A member of our staff will have you describe your item, check the database, and verify your identity before returning the item. Please have a valid photo ID available to retrieve your item. If you believe your item was stolen, Campus Recreation staff will assist in connecting you with University Police to file a report.

Can I bring guests or family members to the Rec Center?

Yes, just purchase a guest pass and they can enjoy all of the amenities.