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Caileigh Apicella


Caileigh is from Long Island, New York and has served as an Operations GA at Campus Rec since June 2019. She received her Bachelor of Science in Health and Physical Education from Wingate University in North Carolina, where she played collegiate soccer for 4 years. Caileigh is currently pursuing a Masters in Coaching and Sports Education at WVU.

Her journey in campus recreation started at Wingate University where she worked as a Facility Assistant her sophomore year and eventually progressed to a Facility Supervisor. After taking on the role of supervisor, she immersed herself in more areas as a Program Assistant. She is excited to take her campus recreation passion to the next level at WVU.

If Caileigh was not working in campus recreation she would be a soccer coach and a teacher. 

In her free time she loves doing anything outdoors, traveling, cooking and experiencing new cultures. After obtaining her Masters, she plans on traveling abroad and teaching for a bit to experience education in different countries and experience new cultures and styles of teaching.

Thing you wouldn't expect about Caileigh: 

  • She once had a close encounter with a Lion in Africa

  • She’s the first and only Apicella girl in four generations of Apicellas 

  • She’s been playing the cello since she was in 3rd grade 

  • She’s from Long Island, and she likes to walk, twalk, and drink cawfee

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