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Sera Janson Zegre

Coordinator for Research | Campus Recreation

Sera Zegre has served as the Research Coordinator for Campus Recreation since July 2017. Sera received her Bachelors of Science in Environment Studies from The George Washington University and moved on to received her Masters in Natural Resource Social Science from Oregon State University. Sera is a social scientist and educator with a background in public land management, natural resource policy and law and asset-based community planning. She offers expertise in issues related to outdoor recreation and natural resources.

Her work history in the recreation field began in high school as a lifeguard and swim instructor. Her career evolved into a decade of work as a river ranger, wilderness ranger, whitewater river guide and whitewater kayak instructor. She has also worked for the Bureau of Land Management as an outdoor recreation planner in the national rivers and trails programs.

Sera has been teaching as an adjunct professor at West Virginia University’s Division of Forestry and Natural Resources since 2011. She has taught various classes in Recreation, Parks and Tourism, but her primary teaching interest is Social Research Methods in Natural Resource Management. She has also taught Human Dimensions of Natural Resource Management and Managing Recreation and Tourism Services. 

As the Research Coordinator for Campus Recreation, Sera uses social research methods and analysis to facilitate strategic and informed program management and decision-making for Campus Recreation. Sera knew this career path was right for her because curiosity makes a good scientist. She is always the one asking questions; her career allows her to use various methods and a scientific approach to create more understanding – and questions.

Sera’s favorite part of her job are the individuals she has a chance to work with!

In Sera’s free time, she enjoys being a mother, whitewater kayaking, SUP boarding, trail running, swimming and other outdoor adventures!

Things you wouldn’t expect about Sera:

  • She freed herself from being pinned under a rolled-ATV with a full, 25-gallon chemical sprayer attached in the remote desert southwest.

  • She was charged by a 5 ½ ton elephant while conducting ecological transects by foot in Tanzania, Africa.

  • She survived being struck by lightning on a 14,000-foot mountain in Colorado.

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