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  • Andy Darling

    Director | Campus Recreation

    (304) 293-5051

    Andy Darling has served as the Director of Campus Recreation at West Virginia University since the summer of 2015. Andy Darling received his Bachelors of Business Administration and Masters in Recreation Management from Ohio University. Andy found his passion for campus recreation towards the end of his undergraduate career while working with his mentors and strengthened this passion while obtaining his masters degree.

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  • Craig Decker

    Associate Director | Campus Recreation

    (304) 293-5046

    Craig Decker has served as the Associate Director of Campus Recreation at West Virginia University since April of 2016. Craig Decker received his Bachelors of Science from Indiana University and moved on to receive his Masters in Sports Management at the University of Florida. Craig found his passion for campus recreation while working on a class project at Indiana University. He immediately fell in love with the field and turned this passion into his life’s work.

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  • Matthew Shreve

    Manager for Marketing and Communications | Campus Recreation | Adventure WV

    (304) 293-7407

    Matthew is a graduate of WVU's Business Administration and Physical/Health Education programs. Born with an innate sense of wonder and curiosity, Matthew has sought distant horizons and new experiences, while always calling West Virginia home. With a passion for adventure and community, Matthew seeks to help inspire and guide others to discover their passions, values and purpose. Matthew uses multimedia storytelling to help spread the powerful stories of positive and inspiring programs, individuals and events.

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  • Sera Janson Zegre

    Coordinator for Research | Campus Recreation

    (304) 293-5065

    Sera Zegre has served as the Research Coordinator for Campus Recreation since July 2017. Sera received her Bachelors of Science in Environment Studies from The George Washington University and moved on to received her Masters in Natural Resource Social Science from Oregon State University. Sera is a social scientist and educator with a background in public land management, natural resource policy and law and asset-based community planning. She offers expertise in issues related to outdoor recreation and natural resources.

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  • Sandra Peppel

    Manager for Aquatics | Campus Recreation

    (304) 293-5078

    Sandra Peppel has served as the Aquatic Manager for Campus Recreation since 2001. Sandra Peppel received her bachelor's degree from Minnesota State University and moved on to receive her master’s degree at West Virginia University. She began her employment with WVU in 1991, when she worked as a graduate assistant in the School of Physical Education. She also served as a WVU clinical faculty member in the College of Physical Activity and Sports Sciences where she taught Water Safety Instruction, Outdoor Leisure Pursuits, History of Sport and managed numerous aquatic instructional and certification programs through Lifetime Activities Program. Sandra also served as the interim assistant director from 2015 - 2016.

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  • Dave Buchanan

    Craft Center | Campus Recreation

    (304) 293-3614

    Dave Buchanan has served as the Craft Center Manager for 16 years. Dave Buchanan received his Bachelors in Art Education from the California University of Pennsylvania and moved on to receive his Masters of Fine Art in Ceramics at West Virginia University. Dave decided to pursue this career because he enjoyed working with clay in high school.

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  • Anna Ray

    Coordinator for Fitness and Wellness | Campus Recreation

    (304) 293-0026

    Anna Ray began working as a student employee for UGA’s Campus Recreation department during her junior year. She worked her way up to become the Senior Manager of the Strength and Conditioning department. While earning her masters degree, Anna worked as the Graduate Assistant for Fitness and Wellness at Marshall University. Anna joined NIRSA as a student member from 2014 - 2017 and now is a professional member.

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  • Vicki Hoover

    Child Development Program Specialist | Mountaineer Kidzone

    304-293-5063 KidZone Front Desk

    Vicki is a Morgantown native! She grew up in town as her father worked as an award-winning WVU professor. Victoria Hoover, better known as “Miss Vicki” or “Mrs. Vicki”, has worked for Mountaineer KidZone in some capacity since 2009. She currently works as the Child Development Program Specialist for WVU Student Family Resources.

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  • David Weimer

    Manager for Membership Services | Campus Recreation

    (304) 293-5075

    Dave Weimer has served as the for WVU for over 20 years and currently serves as the Campus Recreation Program Manager. Born in Morgantown and raised a Mountaineer, Dave Weimer stayed in Morgantown to receive his Bachelors of Art in Business Management and Masters in Sports Administration from West Virginia University.

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  • Ben Orendorff

    Manager for Operations and Events | Campus Recreation

    (304) 293-5055

    Ben Orendorff currently serves as the Operations and Events Manager for Campus Recreation. Ben received his dual degree in Parks and Recreation Management and GIS and Emergency Management from the California University of Pennsylvania and moved on to receive his Masters of Business Administration at West Virginia University.

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