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Campus Cup

campus cup

What is Campus Cup?

Campus Cup is a university-wide competition that tests the athletics, wits, and sportsmanship of all WVU students and faculty. The "Cup" is a series of events that teams will compete in to gain points towards their overall score. Teams will be comprised of up to 20 members, with a minimum of 10 players and five being opposite gender. The “Campus” includes students and faculty from all majors and departments.

All proceeds benefit MountaineerTHON.

How Does it Work? 

The cup is staged into a series of events spanned over a few months. These events range from tug-of-war to trivia to obstacle course races. Each event that teams participate in earns them the chance to gain points for their overall score. The higher the ranking in the events the higher the point value teams earn. While competing, teams will also be ranked on their sportsmanship for each match played. The sportsmanship score will be averaged for all events and then multiplied against overall team points. Good sportsmanship is vital in obtaining a high score, so playing fair is a must! While playing, teams should also photograph the events that they participate in. Teams have the opportunity to gain points by sending in photos to be posted on social media. Finally, teams have one last opportunity to gain bonus points to be added to their final score: teams that have 50 percent or more team participation in service events will gain additional points.

Sports & activities offered:  Soccer, volleyball, tug-of-war, wiffle ball, kickball, dodgeball, obstacle course relay, team trivia, ultimate frisbee, and basketball


When is it?

Campus Cup is scheduled to take place during the spring semester! Here is a tentative schedule for cup events: 

February 8th - Dodgeball
February 20th - Blood Drive
February 23rd - Volleyball
March 2nd - THON
March 23rd - Kick Ball
March 30th - Ultimate Frisbee
April 6th - Soccer
April 13th - Field Day (Tug-O-War, Relay Race, Water Balloon Toss)
April 14th - Ryan's Rally
April 25th - Team Trivia

What do we win?

Something big! That's all we can say for right now, but get ready for a big trophy (and of course, bragging rights).

Who can be on my team? What if I don't have a team?

Anyone that is part of WVU can participate in Campus Cup! Teams can be comprised of greek organizations, friends, clubs, residence halls, etc. Some majors will even be creating teams to play in the cup, so look for more information on that. If you are looking for a team then there will be free agent sign-ups. 


Registration opens Monday, January 7th on IMLeagues 
All teams must be registered by 4 p.m. on Friday, January 25th


Please make all checks payable to “WVU Children’s Hospital”.  Do not pay at the SRC Front Desk. Please pay at captain’s meeting.

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