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Club Sport Registration Guide

Campus Recreation's Club Sports Program includes a diverse group of clubs such as Competitive Cheer, Equestrian, Lacrosse, Ski, Ultimate Frisbee and Weightlifting. Each club is formed, developed, governed and administered by student members of that particular club. Each club also has an advisor, which can be a faculty/staff member or a member of the community, to provide guidance. The key to the success of this program is student leadership, interest, involvement and participation.

How to Register for Club Sports


  1. Log into
  2. Click on the Club Sports membership page
  3. Select the membership duration (pre-set for each academic year)
  4. Add the free membership to the cart
  5. Check out


  1. Download and open the WVUGo App
  2. Click on the Club Sport icon
  3. Select "Club Sport Membership/Waiver"
  4. Select the link provided
  5. Log into your account
  6. Select the membership duration (pre-set for each academic year)
  7. Add the free membership to the cart
  8. Check out

Join a Club Sport on IMLeauges

  1. Visit the  WVU IMLeagues page and select "Club Sports"
  2. Chose the team you wish to join
  3. Under team icon, you will see a "join" icon
  4. You will be prompted to accept the Club Sport waiver 
  5. Enter your Student ID 
  6. Send a message to club (optional) 
  7. Send request 
Once these steps are completed, the club will reach out to the member. 

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