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Mackenzie Christiana

WVUGo Media - Student Editor

Born and raised outside of Harrisburg, PA, Mackenzie grew up in a family who valued going outdoors — although she wasn’t always excited about it. She decided to leave her home state and head to the wild and wonderful state of West Virginia for college. Before beginning her freshman year, she participated in Explore 9, an Adventure WV Orientation Trip specially design for students in the college of media. During this trip, she began to value spending time outdoors and encouraging other to spend time outdoors as well. She is now pursuing a degree is Strategic Communications and a minor in Interactive Design for Media and Communication Studies.

Her Adventure WV Orientation Trip experience and degree led her to becoming a copywriter with the WVUGo Media Team. After graduating in August 2018, Mackenzie plans to return to her home state of Pennsylvania and pursue a career in public relations utilizing her experience with Adventure WV and her love for the outdoors. 

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