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Pam Hagedorn

Interim Assistant Director | Campus Recreation

Pam Hagedorn began her career with West Virginia University in February 1988. She was a member of the Steering, Planning and Development Committee for the Student Recreation Center. Pam considers it an incredible opportunity to have been a part of the Student Rec Center’s development from pen to paper. She has enjoyed her time with Campus Recreation -- from losing her boots in the mud and wearing her hard hat during construction to working as the Interim Assistant Director.

During her time with West Virginia University, Pam worked for eight years in Extension and 22 years with Campus Recreation. Campus Recreation continually evolves based on student’s interests and latest trends, making it an exciting place to work. Pam is a member of NIRSA.

As the Interim Assistant Director, Pam manages competitive sports, craft center and administrative process. She also serves on the Leadership Team in the overall administration, operations and strategic planning of Campus Recreation.

Pam considers the friendships and experiences she has built during her time with Campus Recreation invaluable. She is especially thankful to work with wonderful individuals in the town she loves!

In Pam’s free time, she enjoys spending time with her five grandchildren and her golden retriever, Baxter.

Things you wouldn’t expect about Pam:

  • She has a collection of over 1,000 Little Golden books.

  • She is extremely finicky and doesn’t like any sauces or dressings on her food!

  • If she consumes 16 oz of water a week; that’s a victory! 

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