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Matthew Shreve

Manager for Marketing and Communications | Campus Recreation | Adventure WV

Matthew is a graduate of WVU's Business Administration and Physical/Health Education programs. Born with an innate sense of wonder and curiosity, Matthew has sought distant horizons and new experiences, while always calling West Virginia home. With a passion for adventure and community, Matthew seeks to help inspire and guide others to discover their passions, values and purpose. Matthew uses multimedia storytelling to help spread the powerful stories of positive and inspiring programs, individuals and events.

With a personal and professional mission to connect West Virginian's to active lifestyles, wellness and the environment, Matthew is proud to tell the stories of WVU's Adventure WV and Campus Recreation Programs. 

Matthew has established a cozy riverside homestead, on the Tygart River, which he considers an ideal basecamp to live intentionally and consciously. He is currently exploring the new world's of woodworking and seamanship.

Things you wouldn’t expect about Matthew:

  • He is prepping a 25' sailboat for coastal and island cruising in hopes of exploring the Chesapeake Bay, Keys and Bahamas before upgrading to a blue water boat. 

  • His dog Benny is capable of swimming for nearly an hour without touching land.

  • He has a goal of creating a zero efficiency off-the-grid homestead here in West Virginia. 

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