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Lauryn Saxour

WVUGo Media - Writer

Lauryn was born in Fort Myers, Florida and raised in Plain City, Ohio. She is currently a sophomore here at West Virginia University pursuing a degree in journalism. She was originally introduced to journalism while writing for her high school’s yearbook staff.

With her degree, Lauryn aspires to be a writer. Lauryn has always loved crafting stories. She has a goal to travel and share stories of those who are unable to share their own.
When she’s not writing, Lauryn can be found at the rock wall, hiking, listening to music or daydreaming about traveling.

Things you would not expect about Lauryn:

  • Lauryn was only recently introduced to rock climbing when she began attending WVU.

  • She made a goal for herself when she was young to “never have an office job.”

  • She and her family collect passport stamps whenever they visit a National Park.