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Attention: The Student Rec Center will be closed on Sunday, July 3rd and Monday, July 4th. We will resume our reduced summer hours on Tuesday, July 5th. 

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Get Road Race Ready

Nearly sixty million people participate in running across the globe each year. Are you ready to join them? 

Short and satisfying, 5ks are the perfect road race for beginners. Each year there are over 15,000 5k races held in all capacities across the country. Themes range from city explorations to hot chocolate runs and everything in between. There is a 5k race for everyone, even if you’re just beginning. But before you’re ready to pound the pavement, you must know the basics. 

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A Beginner’s Guide to Trail Running

Whether you’re a seasoned road runner looking to mix up your routine or new to the sport altogether, trail running is a scenic way to exercise. Every trail run is a new adventure allowing you to discover hidden gems. Whether you plan to run the trails each day, or frequent local parks from time to time, trail running greatly benefits your mental and physical health. As with any new endeavor, follow these tips and tricks to get the most out of your time on the trails!

One of the best parts of running is that you don’t need a lot of gear to do it. Going for a run can be as easy as lacing up your shoes, throwing on shorts and a t-shirt, carrying a drinking vessel and heading out the door. While some runners choose to stick to the basics, you can opt to add gear to make your run more enjoyable, especially when you begin to explore rugged terrain.

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Racing to the title of Champion: WVU Intramural eSports Rocket League Event

What happens when Mountaineers take soccer to the virtual field and throw cars into the mix? Soccer balls, speeding cars and the drive to win were a big part of Wednesday night, March 31. WVU students went head-to-head in an online Rocket League tournament, competing for the title of champion as part of a WVU Intramural eSports special event. Four teams of three faced off in a short bracket to make it to the championship game, where only one prevailed. It was a night of excitement, fun and teamwork.

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Unsure About Club Sports? Here's Why You Should Join

With the Spring season just around the corner, club sports sign-ups are beginning!

With the Fall semester drawing to a close, many students are anxiously looking ahead to the new opportunities awaiting them in the Spring. Whether this includes a challenging course load, a new job, or an expanding circle of friends; a new semester is the prime time for positive change. A good way for students to get involved is by joining a club or intramural sports. These organizations have a manageable time commitment and enable students to maintain an active lifestyle and meet other students with similar interests. Club sports also provide a positive social atmosphere, as athletes are able to make friends with similar hobbies, and can thrive under the encouragement of a team environment.

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Intramural 4v4 Volleyball Information

WVU Campus Recreation will be offering the return of Intramural Sports this spring. These activities are a great way to stay active and social, all while staying safe.

4v4 volleyball will be available for registration on January 19th on the WVU Campus Rec website. Gameplay will begin on Monday, February 1st, with games taking place on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. This will continue for the duration of a 3 week season, followed by 2 weeks of playoffs. Although the number of players may be limited, this enables more intense gameplay, as players now have to cover a larger amount of court, and have increased communication with their teammates.

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WVU eSports Tournament Deemed Success

eSports gamers are able to compete without masks or social distancing, thanks to Zoom.

The eSports Tournaments at WVU are not your typical Intramural Sports events. Instead of competing on the Evansdale Rec Fields, participants compete virtually, in a series of tournaments conducted on various gaming consoles. Participants’ keen use of strategy and teamwork, combined with quick reflexes and sharp hand-eye coordination, leads to intense, nail-biting matchups. eSports has been able to continue throughout the pandemic, and engagement is higher than ever. The mission of eSports is to “reach a niche group of students on campus who are looking for a group of people with similar interests,” according to Graduate Assistant for Competitive Sports, Emily Murphy.

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What to Pack for a Day of Fishing

You have a day off tomorrow, and the weather is looking just perfect. Your thoughts drift to Cheat Lake, or maybe Mason or Dixon Lake or even Coopers Rock Lake. Your eyes land on your fishing pole, and you decide that tomorrow is going to be a full day of fishing.

Now, the important question: what all do you pack?

The first and most obvious thing you need for a full day of fishing is your fishing pole! Depending on what you are targeting, you should either bring a lightweight pole with six-to-eight-pound line for bass, bluegill, trout and the like, or you should bring something a bit larger and heavier for those big game fish like Muskie and catfish. There’s also the option of bringing both!

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Crag Lingo: How to sound like a climber

Have you ever walked past a group of chatting climbers and wondered, what on Earth are they talking about?

If you’re new to climbing, your first trip to a climbing gym or crag may feel overwhelming for multiple reasons. For one, you may be nervous to face the wall in front of you. Although, you probably didn’t feel prepared to be exposed to an entirely new vocabulary.

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