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The Student Recreation Center is currently closed to most recreational activities. Many of our programs and events are happening virtually or at outdoor facilities. Visit our Coronavirus Updates page for the latest updates.

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Best Places for Outdoor Exercise Near Campus

With much of the student population without cars on campus, it can be difficult to take advantage of the great outdoors, but it doesn’t have to be!

West Virginia is known for its robust natural resources and plentiful parks scattered throughout the state. Students are always looking for new and exciting ways to exercise and stay active, and these parks provide the perfect opportunity to do so. However, without adequate means of personal transportation, it can be challenging for students to take advantage of them. Luckily, there are a variety of parks and trails right in our backyard. These outdoor adventures are just a few minutes from campus and are easy to access by foot.

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Tiger Trout in West Virginia

For the first time in decades, Tiger Trout are being stocked in West Virginia.

2021 is the year for fishing in West Virginia, especially when it comes to trout. While Gold Rush, the intense stocking of Golden Rainbow Trout in late March and early April, has ended, you still have the chance to catch these gorgeous fish, as well as Brook, Brown, Rainbow, and for the first time in decades, Tiger Trout. Through the months of April and May, this unique cross between a Brook and Brown trout is being stocked throughout the state by the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources.

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Outdoor Adventure can meet you where you are

Have you ever wanted to go mountain biking or kayaking but don’t have the equipment? Mobile-Try It has that covered.

Morgantown is a great place for adventure. West Virginia is full of mountains, trails and water and we have it all right here. Some of the best ways to enjoy these things are mountain biking or kayaking. But as a student here at WVU, these things can be difficult to obtain. The equipment can get pricey and dorms and apartments can be too small to store them away.

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A Compelling Reason to Try Your Luck: West Virginia Gold Rush

West Virginians are fishing for gold and the chance to win a prize.

March 23 was the beginning of a relatively new West Virginia fishing tradition: West Virginia Gold Rush. This is the fourth year in a row that this 12-day event has taken place, and every angler is desperate to try their luck at catching at least one of over 50,000 golden rainbow trout stocked throughout the state by the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources. With 62 lakes and streams to choose from and stockings taking place until April 3, dedicated anglers have a good chance of catching this prized, native, golden fish.

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An Adventure with Happy Lil Trees

An adventure means not only having fun, but trying something new. Adventure WV Spring Adventure Activities offer that and more to you.

On March 11, from 4:30pm to 7:30pm, four WVU undergraduate students gathered inside the Outdoor Recreation Center gear rental checkout on the side of the Student Recreation Center. We took cover from the rain and followed the soothing sound of Bob Ross’s voice and the encouraging tips from program leader and graduate student, Ashley Fox, as we painted a mountain landscape. Most of us had barely any previous experience, especially when it came to oil paint. This was bound to be an adventure.

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WVU’s Land of Artistic Opportunity

Looking for a place for artistic expression? Check out the WVU Craft Center!

There are tons of talented artists here at WVU. Whether it’s just a fun hobby to destress, or taken more seriously, everyone is entitled to express themselves with art. And honestly, if you can scribble on a paper, throw paint at something, or express yourself in any medium, you’re an artist.

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PS4 Adventures for Cold Winter Days

If the weather gets frightfully cold and you have a PS4, check out these games that will make you feel as if you are on an adventure even from the comfort of your own home.

What happens when the weather gets too cold for our favorite outdoor activities? We retreat to the warmth of our house, and often the entertainment of our screens. While we should not let the cold weather stop us from doing outdoor activities altogether (bundle up and get out there when feasible!), there are some days when it is simply safer to stay indoors. For me, that means reading a book, binging something on Netflix, or when I am in the mood for adventure, using my Playstation 4.

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