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3 Spooky Places to Visit in West Virginia this Halloween

Written by: Hannah Morgan | WVUGo Media - Copywriter/Editor

Blood Moon Photo By: Neven Krcmarek

Check out these local West Virginia “haunts” this Fall!

Lake Shawnee Amusement Park Photo By:

1. Lake Shawnee Amusement Park (Mercer County, W.Va) 

Mercer County, WV was once home to a Native American tribe, until a European family attempted to settle onto the same land, causing bloodshed on both sides. Years later in the 1920s, a businessman bought the land and turned it into an amusement park, and for a few years, everything was fine.

This amusement park was filled with life and laughter, but after some strange events, people stopped coming and things turned dark. In 1966, the park was abandoned. To this day, the ferris wheel and swings still stand as reminders of the past. Some say they see ghosts.

Tours are given Monday through Saturday at 2 p.m. Those interested must make an appointment. Visit this website to make an appointment, learn about other tours and read more about the history.

22 Mine RoadPhoto By:

2. 22 Mine Road (Logan County, W.Va)

Mamie Thurmond was your average early 1900s housewife. She and her husband Jack lived in a rented apartment that was built over a garage. But in 1932, a woman was picking berries near Trace Mountain and saw something that she’ll never forget. It was a body, later identified as Mamie. Yet, the murder has gone unsolved. A play is performed every Halloween dedicated to 22 Mine Road, where participants place votes on who they think was guilty.

Yet, there is something more to this story. It is said that if you drive to where she was found, and put the car in neutral going uphill, the spirit of Mamie will push the car up.

Droop Mountain Battlefield State Park Photo By:

3. Droop Mountain Battlefield State Park (Pocahontas County, W.Va)

This place was the sight of one of the last significant battles of the Civil War in West Virginia. In November 1863, an advance from Union troops drove Confederate troops south into what is now Virginia. The battleground was turned into a park in the late 1920s with trails, an observation tower and ground markers that show the history….some history that might still be alive today. This site says that some visitors have reported hearing galloping horses and have had sightings of Confederate soldiers.

For more information on this spooky State Park, check out the WV parks website.

Whether or not you believe in ghosts, these places are filled with history and make for a good road trip across the state. You’ll be welcomed with the most beautiful scenes and fall colors the state has to offer. Where will you go this Halloween season?

About the Author

hannah Grace

Hannah Grace Morgan is a part of the Writing/Editing Team for WVUGo. She is a senior studying journalism and political science. Hannah is from Oceana, West Virginia where the closest stoplight is about an hour drive away. Hannah has written for the Daily Athenaeum, WV News, the Register-Herald and now for WVUGo.