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Leave it all on the field: Intramural Flag Football Championship

Written by:  Jillian Catalano | WVUGo Media - Copywriter/Editor

Flag Football Champions Photos by: Jillian Catalano

There’s nothing like team spirit (and a free t-shirt)!

WVU’s Intramural Sports program offers students of all skill levels a unique opportunity to develop leadership and team building skills alongside their peers. Intramural sports programs vary by session, but each sport provides participants with a competitive league format.

Whether you’ve been playing a sport for years, or are in search of a new fitness-centered activity, Campus Recreation hosts a variety of intramural sports leagues and special events. Students can join with their closest friends, residence hall floors, classmates, student organizations or go in as a free agent and be assigned to a team. Regardless of how you get there and how much you know, joining an intramural sports team helps build comradery between your teammates, expose you to more like-minded people on campus and learn more about a sport you may have always wanted to try.

Fall Session One concluded this week with championships being held across many of the intramural sports programs. The Men’s Flag Football (7v7) program was one of the many big event conclusions witnessed this week. The Intramural Flag Football program is low contact, but high excitement for the players on the field and spectators cheering them on. The Intramural Flag Football Championship took place on Tuesday, October 12 at 9:00pm on the Med Fields (Health Sciences Campus).

Flag Football Match

Leading into the big event, Cavity Search faced The Practice squad and StickUm Users faced team NyQuil. Cavity Search surpassed The Practice Squad 67-65 after multiple rounds of overtime. NyQuil defeated StickUm Users 46-0. After a grueling semi-finals competition, the stage was set for the championship: Cavity Search (7-0) faced NyQuil (6-1).

The competition was tight, and plays on both teams were well-executed. At the half, Cavity Search led NyQuil 18-7, it was still anyone’s game with twenty minutes left to play in the second half. Regardless of the score, the players on the field exemplified levels of sportsmanship within their team and facing their competitors.

The game remained close through halftime, with the teams going back and forth after the half. After twenty minutes of competition, NyQuil came up two touchdowns short, falling to Cavity Search 32-20.

At the conclusion of the game, players from both teams shook hands and exchanged positive words to one another. Cavity Search remained undefeated throughout the season, and topped off their successful performance with a championship win. The players were full of pride as they showed off their well-deserved “Intramural League Champion” t-shirt.

While the intramural sports league is about more than just winning and free merch, it is a great perk of joining an intramural sports team. If you are interested in pursuing your passion for sports, building leadership skills and meeting new people on campus, consider joining one of our many intramural sports teams or single-day events. Campus Recreation offers a variety of leagues and single-day events for women’s, men’s and co-ed teams, and individual competitors.

About the Author

Jillian Catalano is a part of the Writing/Editing Team for WVUGo. She is a junior Communication Studies major with minors in political science and public relations. Jillian is from Lumberton, NJ, a small town named after the abundance of pine trees that were in the area many years ago. Jillian is a member of Omega Phi Alpha, a national service sorority and currently serves as the chapter’s Promotions Chair.