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Does Bretman Rock’s “Absolutely Not” Workout Work

Written by: Hannah Morgan | WVUGo Media - Copywriter/Editor

Bretman Rock
I tried it for a week. Here’s what I found out.

Bretman Rock is an internet personality who grew to fame on YouTube and Vine while a teenager. Now 22 years old, Rock has over 17 million followers on Instagram alone. Mostly known for his makeup looks and humor, there is something else that people are talking about now.

The Bretman Rock Absolutely Not workout. The workout was included in this video titled “ 3 EASY Workouts to look Cute”. In the video, there were other workouts included, but the ab workout caught the internet by fire. In the video, Bretman Rock states that he is not a professional trainer, but was an athlete and has trained before.

Absolutely Not Regiment
Quantity Activity
In and Outs
60 seconds
Plank Side to Side
Mountain Climbers
Leg Raises
Toe Touch
60 seconds
6 Inches

Day 1: 

To make it easier, I followed along with a YouTube video for the workout. As someone who isn’t accustomed to using a timer during workouts, it took extra stress away.

It didn’t make the workout any easier, however. It was hard. Now, maybe that’s because I typically shy away from any sort of ab workouts - and thus don’t have much muscle there - but I couldn’t do all of the reps. Still, after the workout, my abs felt a different way, something that I’m not used to. They were burning and felt glued together. The workout only takes about eight minutes, so it’s not something I can complain about not having the “time” for.

Bretman Rock's Abs-olutely Not Workout

Day 2: 

When I rolled out of bed, my entire abdomen was in pain. Sure, it could be that this short workout is tough. But, it’s probably more accurate to say that my abdominal muscles haven’t been worked out that much in quite some time.

On this day, the workout was difficult because my abs were already screaming from yesterday. Yet, I did it anyway. (By that, I mean I did it to the best of my ability.)

Since Then: 

I fell back into my cardio heavy routine and took a break from daily Bretman Rock workouts. I still keep it in the back of my mind for when I am in need of a little workout but don’t have much time. It’s easy to just pull out a mat, sit on my living room floor, watch TV and attempt this workout. Though my abs are extremely out of shape, it felt good to have a simple workout to do and not have to go outside or go to the gym.


But I know you all are probably asking: but does it work?

I didn’t get abs within a week, but I also know that seeing a noticeable change in that short amount of time isn’t going to happen. Yet, with how intense this workout is and how sore it made me, I think it could work if I stuck to it.

Trying this popular workout allowed me to get outside of my comfort zone and do something other than cardio or resistance training. It’s definitely something I want to keep in my routine. I think you should try it, too! Maybe in a year or two, I’ll have those Bretman Rock abs.

About the Author

hannah Grace

Hannah Grace Morgan is a part of the Writing/Editing Team for WVUGo. She is a senior studying journalism and political science. Hannah is from Oceana, West Virginia where the closest stoplight is about an hour drive away. Hannah has written for the Daily Athenaeum, WV News, the Register-Herald and now for WVUGo.