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Congratulations to Stephanie Calhoun and Gabriela Jasek on election to NIRSA!

By Alexandria Webb | WVUGo Staff writer

NIRSA State Leadership

Our Mountaineer faculty, staff and students are capable of wonderful things, and Stephanie Calhoun, the WVU Campus Rec Coordinator of Competitive Sports, as well as Gabriela Jasek, the WVU Campus Rec Graduate Assistant for Operations and Events, are proof of that. Through their hard work and vigorous election process, they were both elected to NIRSA, a “nonprofit membership organization that provides resources and education for advancing campus recreation.” This is a huge achievement, and we can trust that Calhoun and Jasek will make WVU and West Virginia proud.

Stephanie Calhoun has been elected to NIRSA’s West Virginia State Director, where she will connect NIRSA members of West Virginia as well as connect West Virginia to other states in Region II. She will also help coordinate the WV State Workshop, lead state check-ins and provide opportunities for members to be involved in the association. When asked how her role as Coordinator of Competitive Sports here at WVU has prepared her for this position, she answered, “I believe that my role has helped me learn to coordinate and collaborate with others, especially large groups of people. I think that is a skill that will translate well...Our state has a lot to offer and I am excited to help facilitate that. I hope to continue the growth and momentum that has been brought to the state association over the past few years.”

Gabriela Jasek has been elected to NIRSA’s West Virginia State Student Leader, where she will be dedicated to assisting students with their leadership and success, working to create strong student leaders and connect student members to the resources they need. When asked how her role as Graduate Assistant for Operations and Events has prepared her for this position, she answered, “ giving me opportunities to serve as a leader, connect with students, and advocate the benefits of recreational sports...I hope to connect with students and assist them with their personal and professional development.”

Join us in congratulating Stephanie Calhoun and Gabriela Jasek on this amazing achievement!

About the Author

Alexandria Webb
Alexandria is a senior at WVU with a passion for writing. She is an English major
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