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The Student Recreation Center is currently closed to most recreational activities. Many of our programs and events are happening virtually or at outdoor facilities. Visit our Coronavirus Updates page for the latest updates.

Celebrate Spring with Group Fitness Classes

By Alexandria Webb | WVUGo Staff writer

Fitness Class Photos by Ben Powell and Carli Berkhouse

With Spring here and Summer on its way, it is time to get moving and #FindYourFit!

With the weather finally warming up, all of us are coming out of our Winter shells. Due to months of the cold and snow, not to mention the pandemic, many of us gave up on our workout routines, but now we are finding new motivation. With the vaccine becoming more widely available and the sun shining more often, you may find yourself filled with Springtime energy and motivation. If you feel yourself itching to get moving and have company during your workout, then make sure you register for one of the Group Fitness classes now offered in-person at the Evansdale Fields and East Plaza next to the Student Recreation Center.

You do not have to be any type of expert to attend a Group Fitness class, as they are designed for all fitness levels. For those looking for an intense, time-efficient, full body workout, make sure to check out F45, one of the most popular classes. The group aims to burn 750 calories in one 45-minute session, focusing on improving energy levels, metabolic rate, strength and endurance. This class is everything rolled into one, and you will be sure to leave sweating but proud of yourself.

For those who want to hop back on a bike, Cycle-45 is the class for you. This workout is also 45 minutes long and focuses mainly on cardiovascular health. Cycle-45 takes you through hill climbs, sprints and other challenging courses and drills while never leaving the East Plaza outside the Student Recreation Center. This is a perfect workout to get your heart pumping!

Biking class outdoors

BodyPump is another intensive fan-favorite class. Lasting 60 minutes and proven to be “the world’s fastest way to get in shape” this Group Fitness class focuses on burning calories, improving endurance and gaining strength. You will use barbells and adjustable weights to tone and condition your muscles, at the same time raising your metabolic rate for continuous benefits. This class will be sure to meet your fitness goals.

If you are in need of not only building your strength, but also your stamina, then BodyAttack is perfect for you. This class is sports-inspired, taking popular athletic aerobic movements and combining them with strength and stabilization exercises for a high-energy interval workout. For an extra boost during this intense workout, powerful music and helpful instructors will motivate you all the way to the finish line!

Are you looking for more high intensity classes to try? Another great fit is GRIT Strength, a 30-minute, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout that will improve your strength and build lean muscle. You will work out all major muscle groups with the use of barbell, plate and body weight exercises.

The other side of the coin for GRIT Strength is GRIT Cardio. Another 30-minute, HITT workout, this class focuses on improving cardiovascular fitness, increasing speed and maximizing calorie burn. With a variety of exercises and a good amount of challenge and intensity, the GRIT classes will be sure to have you feeling well on your way to a fit lifestyle.

For something a little less intense, but still great for building strength and stabilization, Yoga is also offered. Find peace alongside fellow Mountaineers as you stretch your body and hold positions that will allow you to become more intune with your physical and mental health. You will leave this workout feeling rejuvenated and ready to sign up for the next session.

Outdoor Yoga

Speaking of Yoga, BodyFlow is another Group Fitness class that focuses on your mind, body and life. For 55 minutes, you will work through simple yoga moves as well as Tai Chi and Pilates elements while listening to an inspired soundtrack. Throughout the entire workout, you will also focus on breathing control and strengthening your body, eventually leaving calm, centered and happy.

There is a reason why ballerinas are so strong. Sculpt your body and muscles by joining the Barre Group Fitness class that focuses on small, isometric movements. With the use of your own body weight, light dumbbells and the barre for stabilization, you will work through pilates and ballet inspired movements as well as additional strength exercises that will leave your legs long, lean and toned.

Getting out there to get moving does not have to look like a typical workout session. You can also slide some dancing in there! Try out a Zumba class where fun is part of the main goal, as you listen to a variety of high energy songs while trying out some easy dance moves that will burn a lot of calories. Don’t feel like your creativity is stifled either; you are encouraged to make up your own moves as you please!

Another dance-like workout is High Fitness! This class is a bit more intense, as it incorporates aerobic interval training with the easy choreography of Zumba. You will get a high-caloric burn and a full body tone from this class as well as more confidence on the dance floor.

All Group Fitness classes, while free, require registration ahead of the scheduled class time. Registration opens 25 hours in advance and is first-come-first serve. Make sure to wear your mask and show up five minutes early or risk losing your spot. Make sure to check @WVUCampusRec on Twitter to stay up-to-date for weather cancellations. Some virtual Group Fitness class options are still available, like Pilates. For a complete Spring Schedule showing all Group Fitness classes, visit For registration via WVUGo, visit Get out there and get moving!

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