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SOAR for a faraway adventure

Written by: Dominic Ayers | WVUGo Sports and Active Lifestyles Writer

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Soar for a faraway adventure.

Are you a returning sophomore or maybe a transfer sophomore and want a reorientation? Maybe you just want a nice adventure and just so happen to be a sophomore. The Sophomore Outdoor Adventure Reorientation (SOAR) is a program with two different trips and two different adventures. The first trip takes you to Utah the desert southwest. This trip is a 14-day long adventure that will take you hiking, camping, and canoeing in Utah’s great canyon landscapes. One such destination is the Green River located in the Stillwater canyon. This trip cost totals in at $775.00 with students having to pay for their own tickets to and from the Denver International Airport.

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This next trip to choose from is a 6-day long trip to our very own New River Gorge here in West Virginia. This adventure includes overnight rafting on the New River, rock climbing, as well as scenic hikes and camping. If you’re looking to get away for a little while but not be too far from home, this trip will suit your needs for a very cozy adventure, while you get to learn new faces and see old friends. The cost of this trip is currently to be determined however, it is expected to be around the same price as last year at a total of $195.00 covering all gear, entrance fees, most food, transportation during the trip, river shuttle, and instruction

The SOAR Program is for rising sophomores, these programs help students to de-stress and relax while having fun. This is also meant to help students to reflect on their previous years of schooling. This program helps students build lasting friendships and a positive community among their groups. Course activities and discussions will help students learn about themselves, increase optimism, and develop leadership and healthy living skills.

To learn more and register for either of these exciting, once-in-a-lifetime trips, visit

SOAR Trips

About the Author

Dominic Ayers is a freshman at WVU who hopes to fuel his passion for the outdoors by majoring in Sports and adventure media. On his free time he enjoys soccer, running and hiking.