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Regular hours of operations are in effect. The Student Recreation Center will close at 4:00 PM on Tuesday, August 16th due to Fall Fest. The Downtown Fitness Center will remain open.

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Stretches to Do in the Morning: Stretches to Do in the Morning

Everyone's morning routine Is different, some wake up at the crack of dawn and brew a nice pot of coffee while others wait till the last minute to get up. Whether you're either of these people, we all need to stretch to get the most out of our bodies. Some of the best stretches to do for your body will be, full-body stretches. These stretches will help your body be more productive by loosening you up and giving you energy.

While doing these stretches, you will want to be doing them for 30 seconds at a time. It's best to do the two different types of stretches together, which are static and active. Static stretches will help you limber up while the active stretches will get your blood flowing and start providing you with energy to help get started for the day. To help prevent pulling a muscle or hurting yourself, it’s best to do static stretches.

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Spooky Sightings in WV: Spooky Sightings in WV

Reymann Brewing Company

An hour and a half outside of Morgantown, a once well-known brewery named Reymann Brewing Company lies in ruins open to the public. The brewery’s history is meddled as not many sources or information exists on it. There is a common thread between the sources used however. Although some sources had too little details, others had more specific information with some of the dates not aligning.

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Plan Your Next Adventure with the Outdoor Recreation Center: Plan Your Next Adventure with the Outdoor Recreation Center

Planning your next adventure? Come plan with the Outdoor Recreation Center

The Outdoor Recreation Center (ORC) is a resource many WVU students may not know even exists. The ORC offers a variety of programs, information and tools for students to help them explore the outdoor recreation opportunities West Virginia has to offer. The ORC promotes healthy, active and adventurous lifestyles, so no matter what level of skill you may be at, the ORC can cater to you.

The Outdoor Recreation Center is comprised of three main parts; Outdoor trips (which include seminars and community service opportunities), information systems, and equipment rentals. Outdoor trips can include anything from a weekend backpacking trip to one of West Virginia’s natural wonders, to a thrilling whitewater rafting trip down the Lower Youghiogheny River in Pennsylvania. They can also include seminars, where you can learn the basics of mountain biking at Coopers Rock or community service aspects, where you canoe down the Monongahela River and help pick up trash along the way. Students should take advantage of these trips because, “These are opportunities that you won’t have later, and if you do, they won’t be nearly as inexpensive as they are now,” says Brett Hagerty Assistant Director of the ORC and Adventure WV. These outdoor trips come at a fraction of the cost of traditional expert guided trips, plus they help build a sense of community amongst students and their peers.

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Community Spotlight: 4 Events That Will Get You in the Fall Spirit: Community Spotlight: 4 Events That Will Get You in the Fall Spirit

If you’re looking for some spooky stuff to do this Fall to get you into the holiday spirit, look no further. Here you’ll find events for all Fall enthusiasts, from those who love tricks and those who love treats, there’s an event here for you.

If you’re a fright-seeking, horror lover, Fright Farm in Smithfield, PA, is your ticket to some screams this season. With 5 hauntingly frightening attractions, you’re in for a scare. Admission to all 5 Haunted Houses are $25 on Thursdays/Sundays, $35 for Fridays/Saturdays, and $25 from October 25th-30th. You can also purchase a VIP group tent that includes your own private tent, with a bonfire and a personal hayride for you and your guests. The VIP group tent package is a perfect way to get you and all your friends in the spooky spirit! For dates and times of operation visit the link above.

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Community Spotlight: Bridge Day 2019: Community Spotlight: Bridge Day 2019

Have you ever been 900 feet off the ground with a river rushing below you?

The New River Gorge Bridge in Fayette County, West Virginia is a unique opportunity for anyone to see the incredible view of the valley for themselves. Odds are, if you’ve seen any West Virginia calendars, postcards, or photos, you’ve probably seen the bridge. Stretching wide over the gorge, the steel structure is not only a staple image of the great state of West Virginia, but is also a necessity for those traveling. The bridge supports over 1,500 cars per day, and once a year, over 80,000 people can take the bridge on foot.

A one-day festival, appropriately named Bridge Day, takes place on the third Saturday of October each year. Attendees have the opportunity to watch as base jumpers and rappellers jump into the valley below. Over one hundred vendors will line the streets of Fayetteville selling food and souvenirs to commemorate this special day. Early in the morning, before the jumpers begin their fun, there will be a 5K that allows runners to cross the bridge and into the town.

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Community Spotlight: Say Goodbye to Fast Food at WVU's Farmers Market: Community Spotlight: Say Goodbye to Fast Food at WVU's Farmers Market

Say goodbye to frequent fast food at one of WVU's farmers markets!

The adjustment of moving from summer to the busy semester life of a college student is enough to throw anyone off. It is easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life that taking care of yourself and your health may not be the highest on your priority list. Many people find it much easier to stop at the corner fast food chain for a sandwich instead of making it themselves. The same goes for college students, with the expansion of fast food chains not slowing down anytime soon, it can be hard to navigate through the lines to find food that is convenient and good for you.

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