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The Student Recreation Center is currently closed to most recreational activities. Many of our programs and events are happening virtually or at outdoor facilities. Visit our Coronavirus Updates page for the latest updates.

Campus Recreation News

Mountaineer Hockey Defeats Navy in Home Opener

In an eventful home opener, the WVU Men’s D1 Hockey Team defeats Navy for an exciting start to the season. An arena full of fans cheering for WVU’s hockey team sat on the edge of their seats as the game went into overtime. With the support of extra fans at the opener in the bleachers, WVU pushed to get the winning goal. As the WVU raced down the ice in a final push, the perfect storm for the win developed. WVU and Navy skaters were moving neck and neck through center ice, when suddenly a Navy skater broke his stick leaving him helpless for defense. This began the development that would give WVU the chance they needed to seal the deal. It was now a 3-on-2 man setup with WVU approaching the goal. A second Navy defense-man lost an edge and fell leaving only the goalie to defeat. A quick crossing pass and then the puck goes into the net! The arena erupted in a victorious roar, signaling an end to the first home game. Winning 3-2 over Naval Academy, the Mountaineer Hockey team starts the season off right with new head coach Shane Buckely.

Don’t miss out on the action, see WVU Hockey play a double header game this Friday at the Morgantown Municipal Ice Arena. Starting at 7:15 p.m., the D1 team will face off against Towson followed by the D2 team taking on Akron. Show your Mountaineer spirit by grabbing your friends and supporting the team! Share your interest with friends and family by following the event’s Facebook page here:

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The WVU Climbing Community Welcomed New Climbers at Wall Competition

On August 29th, the Climbing Wall at the Student Rec Center was packed with new and experienced climbers at the Welcome to the Wall Climbing Competition. This introductory climbing exhibition allowed participants to learn new climbing techniques and challenge themselves on the rock wall. Participants ranged from seniors to freshmen, new recruits to climbing veterans, members of the climbing club to climbers whose curiosity peaked higher than the rock wall. Forty climbers braved the top rope courses, monitored closely by belay-certified volunteers.

Welcome to the Wall was a top ropes climbing course, a relaxed environment intended to allow participants to embrace new experiences. The course started off easy and became more difficult as the climber ascended. New techniques were taught, including bump, match, cross, searing, and stemming. Techniques such as bump, match and cross are simple and involve either moving the hands and feet to a hold, or reaching across the body to a hold. Searing and stemming are more complicated, and require the climber to place their feet on the wall rather than use a hold, or use two walls to stabilize themselves. The skill level of the climbers were split evenly, with about half of the participants experiencing rock climbing for the first time. Many members of the climbing club were in attendance, and according to Alex Kew, the organizer of the event, the casual environment meant that “the climbing club members probably didn’t realize that there was an event going on”. Climbers from all grades attended the event, providing a sense of enthusiasm and fearlessness that helped make the event successful.

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