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The Student Recreation Center is now open. Due to ongoing work on the chillers' mechanical systems, staff will monitor the weather and adjust the building hours if the temperature is unsafe for physical activity.

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How Working Out Regularly Changed Me: How Working Out Regularly Changed Me

It’s hard to get started working out, but it is so worth it.

As someone who used to hardly ever workout, I could never imagine choosing to do it regularly. It seemed like choosing to experience physical pain, and I couldn't imagine wanting to do so. That being said, there were times I would go through workout phases, usually lasting no more than a couple of weeks to a month, tops. I also would love to take walks when the weather was nice and I had the time, but that was only for the mental benefits. However, when the pandemic struck and I was stuck inside, without the normal steps taken to get to class or work, the inactivity began to take a toll.

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Solo vs Group Fitness: Which is Better?: Solo vs Group Fitness: Which is Better?

All exercise is good, but is group exercise the best?

At West Virginia University, students have so many options available to them to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle. Even with the Student Recreation Center currently closed, opportunities for exercise are still offered by Campus Recreation. Whether it is using the Field REC for self-guided workouts reserving a lane in the lap pool or climbing wall, Mountaineers have the ability to choose an exercise routine that speaks to them. Some students, however, look for exercise that will bring the most benefits when it comes to their fitness journey, and studies have shown that Group Fitness could be key to getting the most out of your workout.

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What Are The Risks and Benefits of Protein Powder? : What Are The Risks and Benefits of Protein Powder?

What your post-workout scoop is doing for you

Protein powder is the perfect pick-me-up after a good workout. It comes in all shapes and sizes, from bottled drinks to powders to smoothies. You can also get every flavor under the sun, and add whatever you want to make a delicious, and healthy drink. A popular type of protein is whey protein. If you’re thinking about incorporating whey or any other protein powder into your healthy lifestyle, but aren’t sure what you need to know, then look no further! Here’s everything you need to know about the risks and benefits of protein powder.

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Planning Meals and Quarantine: Planning Meals and Quarantine

Lockdown has taken a toll on a lot of diets, but for those trying to stick to a meal plan, it is becoming especially hard to stay on top.

Planning and preparing meals before the lockdown seems to have been easier than it is now. Why is that? The boredom and lack of activity or stimulation in life could be the two biggest reasons for the difficulty to stay on course. Combine those with being cooped up inside and the perfect concoction for veering off meal planning is made.

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