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The Student Recreation Center is now open. Due to ongoing work on the chillers' mechanical systems, staff will monitor the weather and adjust the building hours if the temperature is unsafe for physical activity.

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Why You Should Try Apple Cider Vinegar: Why You Should Try Apple Cider Vinegar

Have you ever tried apple cider vinegar? Despite its sour taste, it could be the key to improved health.

Recently, I’ve been seeing apple cider vinegar everywhere. When I go to the store, they have it in pill forms, mixed in with tea and sold unadulterated in bottles. It took me what felt like a lifetime to actually purchase something with apple cider vinegar in it, but I did.

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A Cold Walk to Combat S.A.D.: A Cold Walk to Combat S.A.D.

Millions of people suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D) each year, most commonly during the late Fall and Winter months. According to MedlinePlus, S.A.D is a form of depression that comes and goes with the seasons, and the exact causes are unknown. Symptoms can include sadness, a gloomy outlook, feeling hopeless or irritable, loss of interest in activities you usually enjoy, low energy, difficulty sleeping or oversleeping, craving carbohydrates or weight gain, and thoughts of death or suicide.

The most common treatment is light therapy, in which one sits in front of an illuminated box each morning to get the daily exposure to the light that is often missing from these colder months. While it is important to talk to a doctor if you are experiencing any of the symptoms in the above paragraph in order to find the right treatment for you, one personal way of combating S.A.D that I have found is forcing myself to get outside even when it is cold.

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