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Nutrition for Beginners: Nutrition for Beginners

What you should know about nutrients, calories, and how to make healthy choices.

The college student life is not one that is typically equated with a healthy lifestyle. With the ever-present demand from courses, clubs, and internships, many students simply don’t have the time to add exercising to that mix. And when Insomnia Cookies delivers and a loaded mac from Waldo’s is a few steps from the PRT station, it’s pretty easy to compromise a healthy diet. Many college students, especially those not on meal plan, can’t always afford fresh ingredients from the grocery store. This leads to the inevitable consumption of Ramen noodles multiple times a week, at least in my case.

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How to Make Healthy Steak using Your Stove: How to Make Healthy Steak using Your Stove

Making a healthy steak without a grill can seem intimidating, but this method keeps it quick, tasty, and best of all, good for you.

Living on a budget can make cooking seem futile and overpriced but it really doesn’t need to be. Using creativity and good ingredients can really make a meal pop, regardless of the money spent going into it.

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How Much Water Should You Drink Per Day? : How Much Water Should You Drink Per Day?

We’ve all been told to drink 8 glasses of water every day. But science might say otherwise!

It’s common knowledge that drinking water is the simplest step to leading a healthy lifestyle. Water can lead to many health benefits including, but not limited to, regulation of body temperature, maintaining healthy blood pressure, and lubricating joints to prevent injury. From everything from fatigue to dry skin, consistently drinking water can help. There are many different answers to the question “How much water should you drink per day?” Some sources say eight glasses a day, while others recommend up to a gallon. It is important to remember that everyone’s body is different. Although there are recommendations for how much water is healthy to consume, listen to your and do what works best for your health.

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Understanding the Commitment When Adopting a Rescue Animal: Understanding the Commitment When Adopting a Rescue Animal

Since quarantine began back in March, many people (including college students) have decided to adopt a rescue animal. Overall, this is a great thing! Many of these animals have had hard lives, and all of them deserve a home where they can be safe, comfortable, and loved. However, just thinking a pet is cute or wanting to love them is not the only factor you should take into consideration when adopting. Pets come with financial and time commitments, and if you are not ready to provide those things, then perhaps now is not the right time to take in a new friend.

Quarantine definitely provided many with the time it takes to train and care for a pet, but eventually quarantine will end. Normal life will ensue for you, but what would that mean for your new best friend? It is important that before adopting, you take into consideration the costs and time you will need for a pet.

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