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The Student Recreation Center is now open. Due to ongoing work on the chillers' mechanical systems, staff will monitor the weather and adjust the building hours if the temperature is unsafe for physical activity.

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December Do-Over: December Do-Over

Destroy That Current Routine You’ve Had All Semester Long, In Exchange For The December Do-Over!

With the semester coming to an end in roughly a month, you enter arguably the toughest stretch of days out of the whole fall semester. As you approach the month of finals, you now have to manage your time appropriately. Managing your time appropriately includes: getting enough sleep, consuming enough food, occasionally going for a walk or workout, etc. By doing these things you will gain a consistent schedule that will benefit your health wellness, and also how well you do on your finals.

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Break Free of Social Media’s Influence: Break Free of Social Media’s Influence

Written by: Kenzie Pigott| WVUGo Staff Writer

Turn off the smart phones and tune into yourself through fitness.

We live in a time where individuals can use social media as a full time job. These influencers span across every aspect of the media, including fitness. It’s hard to go on social media platforms such as Instagram without seeing an influencer with a “perfect body” strutting around the gym doing workouts that seem to look pretty rather than actually work your muscles.

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Beating the Season Change Slump: Beating the Season Change Slump

Written by: Kenzie Pigott | WVUGo Staff Writer

It’s that time of year– the days are getting shorter and colder, and the weight of stress is taking its toll.

It happens to just about everyone, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Here are some tips on how to break through the slump that seems to plague college campuses around this time of the semester.

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10 Day 10 Minute Thanksgiving Challenge!: 10 Day 10 Minute Thanksgiving Challenge!

Written by: Terence Church | WVUGo Staff Writer

With Ten Days Left Until Thanksgiving, Challenge Yourself With A Ten Minute Workout Challenge

With Thanksgiving rounding the corner, you have ten days to prepare for the feast you plan on eating. Thanksgiving break starts after your final class on Friday November 22nd, with classes resuming on Monday the 2nd of December. During the duration of your break, the average person gains at minimum 1.05 lbs. To help manage the weight that will be gained over break, there is a 10 day 10 minute workout Thanksgiving challenge that will have body fat burning throughout the day.

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There is a Limit: There is a Limit

Know the precautions of drinking, before it’s too late.

Last week was the 5 year anniversary of the death of Nolan Burch. On Nov. 14, 2014, the 18-year-old freshman from Buffalo, N.Y. became a victim of hazing at the Kappa Sigma house. During a fraternity party, he was blindfolded, handed a bottle of bourbon and pressured into drinking it at a fast pace. After drinking this and more throughout the night, he became unconscious. Other people thought it was funny and started taking pictures, kicking him and dancing around him. An hour went by before someone noticed and decided to call for an ambulance. Unfortunately, it was too late.

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Family Nutrition Program Making the Area Healthier: Family Nutrition Program Making the Area Healthier

Written by: Emily Robinson| WVUGo Staff Writer

The Family Nutrition Program is creating a positive environment by educating people on the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

The Family Nutrition Program is a program through WVU Extension that helpsyouths, adults and families with limited resources improve their health. They do this by using many different ways to educate these individuals on the many different ways they can be healthy and achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. By using the USDA’s MyPlate and Dietary Guidelines, the program is able to educate individuals on healthy nutrition and how important it is to maintain. They also promote healthy nutrition by providing food demonstrations.

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Pain and Success: Internal Grit: Pain and Success: Internal Grit

Written by:John Henry| WVUGo Staff Writer

Don’t let the discomfort of trying something new stop your success.

Discomfort and pain are often factors in the compromise of someone’s effort or continued effort in a certain activity but are ultimately the trials that each individual must put themselves through to eventually succeed.

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Winter Workout: Winter Workout

Written by: Dominic Ayers| WVUGo Staff Writer

Many of us hate the winter, like many I am a hibernator when it comes to the cold. We become sluggish and tend to put off the workout routine we had so strictly stuck too since the beginning of the year. Well, you’d be shocked to know that working out in the winter may be just what you need or want. Working out in the cold can help with that yearly cold you get at the beginning of fall/winter. Working out gets that blood pumping which will help circulate the white blood cells that fight the sickness get through your body easier. In addition to getting rid of that nasty first cold, it helps burn calories and fat. Working out in the cold can turn the white fat into brown easily burnable fat, much faster than any ordinary time.

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