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The Student Recreation Center is currently closed to most recreational activities. Many of our programs and events are happening virtually or at outdoor facilities. Visit our Coronavirus Updates page for the latest updates.

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Solo vs Group Fitness: Which is Better?

All exercise is good, but is group exercise the best?

At West Virginia University, students have so many options available to them to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle. Even with the Student Recreation Center currently closed, opportunities for exercise are still offered by Campus Recreation. Whether it is using the Field REC for self-guided workouts reserving a lane in the lap pool or climbing wall, Mountaineers have the ability to choose an exercise routine that speaks to them. Some students, however, look for exercise that will bring the most benefits when it comes to their fitness journey, and studies have shown that Group Fitness could be key to getting the most out of your workout.

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What Are The Risks and Benefits of Protein Powder?

What your post-workout scoop is doing for you

Protein powder is the perfect pick-me-up after a good workout. It comes in all shapes and sizes, from bottled drinks to powders to smoothies. You can also get every flavor under the sun, and add whatever you want to make a delicious, and healthy drink. A popular type of protein is whey protein. If you’re thinking about incorporating whey or any other protein powder into your healthy lifestyle, but aren’t sure what you need to know, then look no further! Here’s everything you need to know about the risks and benefits of protein powder.

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Planning Meals and Quarantine

Lockdown has taken a toll on a lot of diets, but for those trying to stick to a meal plan, it is becoming especially hard to stay on top.

Planning and preparing meals before the lockdown seems to have been easier than it is now. Why is that? The boredom and lack of activity or stimulation in life could be the two biggest reasons for the difficulty to stay on course. Combine those with being cooped up inside and the perfect concoction for veering off meal planning is made.

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The Pros and Cons of Smith Machines

How do Smith Machines differ from free-weight racks? Are they effective?

Every gym is different, with a unique atmosphere and combination of machines. Depending on the gym, the availability of machines may be limited to the expertise of the members. The Smith Machine is a machine that uses a pulley system to move the weight. This is different from a free-weight machine, where the bar can be removed from the rack and moved on its own. The Smith Machine is popular among beginners because the pulley system moves the weight in a manner that is easier than working out while fighting gravity. There also exists a mental aspect, where using a pulley takes off some of the intimidation of lifting. But is there a drawback to using a Smith Machine?

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Healthy Meal Substitutions

These simple changes to your diet are inexpensive and easy for a healthy diet!

The college diet is one of convenience. Not every student can afford take-out meals every night or has the capabilities to cook a healthy meal every night. Ordering takeout doesn’t have to be a one-way ticket to an unhealthy lifestyle. Making key substitutions in your order can make unhealthy meals healthier, and leave you feeling better afterward. Try any of these healthy meal substitutions, and see if you can taste the difference!

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What Are Compound Exercises?

Does focusing on multiple muscle groups make you stronger?

Compound exercises are multi-joint movements that can be done with either dumbbells or a bar. A common compound exercise is a squat, which works quadriceps, glutes, and calves while relying on the knees and core to complete the movement. There are many benefits to compound exercises. Using multiple muscle groups allows you to lift heavier, which increases strength and builds muscle mass. Other benefits include burning more calories and increasing flexibility ( Very Well Fit). The key benefit of compound exercises is that they simulate real-life movement. Rarely do we move with only one muscle group, and using many muscle groups at once is a more natural way to build strength. It also saves time in the gym, because each individual muscle group doesn’t have to be individually targeted. For maximum efficiency “compound exercises that combine two exercises into one move can target even more muscles (for example, a lunge with a bicep curl)” ( Healthline). Overall, compound exercises allow you to get the most out of your workout, and reap the benefits of weightlifting in a safe and efficient manner.

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Check It Out! Nature and Self Care: Outdoor Stress Management

This class is a great way to de-stress in the great outdoors!

College can be overwhelming, especially during a pandemic. For this reason and many others, it’s important to find healthy ways to de-stress. The Carruth Center, Adventure WV, and WVU Campus Rec are all offering programs and resources to keep students healthy and active when it seems like the world is at a standstill. One of these programs is Nature and Self-Care: Outdoor Stress Management. Organized by Adventure WV and the Carruth Center, the goal of this class is to give college students ways to cope with their stress by being in nature.

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Burnout: Signs and Prevention

Prolonged stress can have negative physical and mental effects, but can be prevented using a few simple steps

In this new era of Zoom meetings and days at home, straying away from the norm has left room for learning and adjusting. Days that used to consist of walking across campus, group hangouts, and maskless lectures are now replaced with a laptop screen at home. Everyone has reacted to the norm differently. Whether you’re thriving or surviving, there often comes a time when we’ve reached our limit. Burnout existed before COVID-19 and will exist afterward, but the sudden shift in routine makes it all the more prevalent. So, here’s what you need to know about the signs of burnout, and what you can do to prevent it.

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