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Taylor Woods - A New Kind of Fitness Influencer

She’s real and honest, just like us.

Taylor WoodsFitness YouTube is a rabbit hole filled with tons of fitness influencers trying to sell their lifestyle to “everyday folks.” Searching for inspiration, the viewer can quickly lose perspective on what is real and attainable. Everyone’s fitness journey is different, so these impossible standards of fitness can be demoralizing when not achieved and cause more harm than good. Finding a fitness influencer who encourages viewers to be good to their body, go at their own pace and do whatever works for them is like  a cold glass of water on a hot day. It’s so refreshing to be encouraged throughout one’s fitness journey full of real life and real struggles. 

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Does Bretman Rock’s “Absolutely Not” Workout Work?

Bretman Rock is an internet personality who grew to fame on YouTube and Vine while a teenager. Now 22 years old, Rock has over 17 million followers on Instagram alone. Mostly known for his makeup looks and humor, there is something else that people are talking about now.

The Bretman Rock Absolutely Not workout. The workout was included in this video titled “ 3 EASY Workouts to look Cute”. In the video, there were other workouts included, but the ab workout caught the internet by fire. In the video, Bretman Rock states that he is not a professional trainer, but was an athlete and has trained before.

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Healthful Hacks: Working Out While Working Full Time

For many, the summer months offer a season of adventure, but for others it means working a full-time job. For the latter, exercise can be hard to fit in - but it doesn’t have to be!

With a break from classes and coursework, many have taken on a full-time job or internship for the summer months. Let’s face it, mustering up the motivation to workout can be hard sometimes. And when you clock in forty hour work weeks, it can get even harder. When shifts start in the morning, some wake up early to start the day on an active foot. Though, for those who aren’t early risers, this can be a struggle. Others may wait until the workday is over but may lack energy when workout time comes around. With so much time spent at a desk and on a computer, one may struggle to make time for exercise and self-care. But with these tips, it may be an easier adjustment than you’d think. 

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Eight Ways to Reduce Your Screen Time

With so much of our world based in the digital space, it can seem hard to disconnect from your phone. These 8 methods are easier than you think.

In the year 2021, a large portion of jobs, classes and social events take place online. It seems you can’t go anywhere without seeing someone connected to their mobile device. You step outside and see students looking down at their phone as they walk to class, or on a call while they wait in line for food. As you watch the digital world consume reality, you may forget to see its impact on you. While most iPhones collect weekly screen time data, how closely do you look at it? 

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Workout 101

Want to create a new workout routine but not sure where to begin? Here’s a beginner’s guide to start exercising and stick to it!

Working an exercise routine into your daily schedule is one of the best things a person can do for their overall health. Though, it can be a challenge to motivate yourself and stick to a consistent workout routine. If you want to start exercising more consistently, but are unaware of where to begin, here’s a beginner’s guide to exercise. 

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Meal Subscription Boxes: What’s the Dish?

I like good food, but I hate to cook. Maybe you’re like me. 

Last year, my fridge looked as bare as a WalMart shelf during a blizzard warning. If there was anything in there, it was probably old. My go-to meal was rice cakes and peanut butter. But I knew something had to change.

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Healthful Hacks: Exercise on a Busy Schedule

Think your schedule is too hectic to exercise? Think again!

Between coursework, jobs and extracurricular activities, college students are always in the middle of something. And while exercise is a great stress reliever, it can be hard to find the time to get your body moving. In those times where finding time is challenging, a workout seems more important than ever. Though it may be hard to fit a full-fledged workout into your daily routine, exercising for even twenty minutes has great benefits for your mood, mindset and well-being. Fitting exercise into a busy schedule doesn’t have to be daunting and with these tips, you may find more time than you think!

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