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Written by: Dominic Ayers  | WVUGo Media - Sports and Active Lifestyles Writer

Do You have the “Go First” attitude?

What do you do with a free weekend or a spare hour? If it’s raining do you stay inside or continue with your day adapting to what the weather may be like? You might have an Adventure State of Mind, meaning you seize the day, and you always take the chance to do something. Here at WVU we encourage that “Go First” attitude. We’re not all born with this “Go First” mentality, some of us must ease our way into it, by trying something new and exploring what there is to offer within our reach.

Here at WVU, we offer many opportunities for the students to Go First. This includes the many guided trips and study abroad trips we offer. We offer trips for all seasons so if you’re a winter person and would like to get out more, we have a shuttle that can take you to WISP and Seven Springs, where you can snowboard and ski to your heart's content. If you’re not really a cold-weather person, we also offer spring break trips such as the Florida trip we have coming up in 2020. If you think your adventure state of mind means traveling to a different country, we also offer study abroad trips, so while you’re out there exploring the world you can also earn some credits.

Everyone’s adventure is different, so it’s important to find your own, and along the way find a group of people to have your adventure with. Seize the day in your way, maybe try something new. Whether you’ve been thinking about trying something, take a detour from your usual route, take the back roads home or just simply try some new music, life is your adventure. Brand your adventure state of mind as your own with the “Go First” attitude of a Mountaineer!

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DominicDominic Ayers is a freshman at WVU who hopes to fuel his passion for the outdoors by majoring in Sports and adventure media. On his free time he enjoys soccer, running and hiking.

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