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Winter Workout

Written by: Dominic Ayers | WVUGo Staff Writer 

Why you should be working out in the winter
Run Photo by: Airman 1st Class Taylor Phifer

Many of us hate the winter, like many I am a hibernator when it comes to the cold. We become sluggish and tend to put off the workout routine we had so strictly stuck too since the beginning of the year. Well, you’d be shocked to know that working out in the winter may be just what you need or want. Working out in the cold can help with that yearly cold you get at the beginning of fall/winter. Working out gets that blood pumping which will help circulate the white blood cells that fight the sickness get through your body easier. In addition to getting rid of that nasty first cold, it helps burn calories and fat. Working out in the cold can turn the white fat into brown easily burnable fat, much faster than any ordinary time.

Many people gain 5-10 pounds in the winter every year and start getting more depressed as the season goes on. Instead of just living with it, you can go outside and get some sunlight and get your blood coursing through your body with a little bit of exercise. The increased sunlight helps to give nutrients you otherwise wouldn’t get from staying inside all day. The exercise is the best of both worlds, as it boosts your energy and mental state as well as burns the fat you’ve been accumulating.

Now, with all that being said it can be dangerous to be outside and sweating in this cold weather, so be sure to bundle up and as you start working out. Take off layers to ensure you’re not getting too sweaty. It’s also a good idea to not wear cotton as that keeps the moisture close to your skin which can cause your body temperature to drop and can lead to hypothermia.

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DominicDominic Ayers is a freshman at WVU who hopes to fuel his passion for the outdoors by majoring in Sports and adventure media. On his free time he enjoys soccer, running and hiking.

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