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The Student Recreation Center will be opening on Monday, May 17th. Visit our Coronavirus Updates page for the latest updates.


Marketing and Communications TeamMarketing and Communications for Adventure WV and Campus Recreation

Based on market research gathered by University Relations the number one source of information, for our students and the public, is our website. As such it is essential that all program and event offerings are present on the website at all times, even when not currently running. Below is a list of guidelines to help staff ensure programs and events are being communicated effectively through not only our website but all available mediums. 

Essential Steps (minimum values)

Six weeks prior to program/event start:
  • Website and Fusion: Fully updated with live registration
  • Media Team Project Request Submission in Basecamp.
One week after program/event conclusion:
  • Website updated to show evergreen or next session details
    • Interest Form present anytime program registration is not available.
  • Final Enrollment/Attendance Submitted to Marcom Team

Note: all regularly offered programs/events should be planned and submitted at least one month prior to the end of the semester which precedes the event or program. For example: an event being held during the spring semester should be submitted by mid November, at the very latest, to ensure a comprehensive communication plan can be executed.

Standard Program/Event Comm Plan

  • Updated Website with either Fusion Registration or Qualtrics Interest Form
  • Fusion Event for WVUGo Portal and App
  • WVUGo Monthly Newsletter Placement
  • E/Unews Submission
  • Facebook Event linked to Website
  • Social Media posted scheduled on FB, IG and Twitter
  • SRC Digital Screen and Info Station Graphics (Vertical and Horizontal)
  • (35) 11x17 Flyers posted around campus
  • (14) 8.5x11 Flyers posted on SRC doorways
  • Unique events posted in Homepage Events Feed ( and Header Carousel

Support Services (Menu in Sidebar)

Use the menu to the right to make single item requests, access support materials, setup trainings/workshops, or to submit program notifications.