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West Virginia State Workshop

State workshop

Join us for the 6th Annual West Virginia State Workshop. This year the workshop will be hosted virtually during the week of June 1, 2020. 

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If you are interested in taking part in the workshop, please fill out the interest form below to stay up to date on the latest details. More information regarding the schedule will be distributed following the Presentation Proposal Deadline on May 15th. Registration is free, and conference sessions will be taking place online.

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Workshop Updates

Schedule Overview

Monday 6/1
9:30 AM Coffee Hour
10:00 AM NIRSA 101
1:00 PM Roundtable: COVID-19 (Facility and Practice Based)
3:30 PM How Your Job in Campus Rec Can Help Secure Your Future
Tuesday 6/2
10:00 AM How the Student Recreation Building has Become the Focus of Campus
1:00 PM Roundtable: Student Staff Development During COVID-19
3:30 PM
Wednesday 6/3
10:00 AM Kenobi School of Mentorship: How the Death of Me Leads to Us
1:00 PM Roundtables: Program Specific (Sports, Fitness & Wellness, Aquatics, etc.)
3:30 PM Tools and Strategies for Giving and Receiving Feedback
Thursday 6/4
10:00 AM Big Ideas, Tiny Resources
1:00 PM Roundtable: Recovering and Transitioning Away from COVID-19

Monday 6/1

 9:30 AM - Coffee Hour
Description: While the Workshop will be virtual, we still wanted to provide the opportunity to gather together and socialize. Bring your coffee, tea, or breakfast and start your day with us. This will be an informal opportunity to network and reconnect with one another. 
  10:00 AM - NIRSA 101
Presenters: Emily Murphy of West Virginia University & Rachel Gwilliams of Marshall University

Description: This presentation will outline what NIRSA is, including: it's history, governance, values, development/leadership opportunities and resources, as well as regional and state components. It is essential for both member and non-member students to gain an understanding of the working parts of the association and what it has to offer; we are hopeful that in the explanation of what NIRSA is, more students will likely want to be involved at some capacity. 
  1:00 PM - Roundtable: COVID-19 Facilities, Practices, and Reopening
Presenters: Mike Weaver of Marshall University Sam Hearn of Mylan Park 
  3:30 PM - How Your Job in Campus Rec Can Help Secure Your Future
Presenters: Corrine Pruett, Stephanie Calhoun of West Virginia University, Jonathan Sanders of Marshall University & Zack Sephton of Queens University 

Description: After becoming familiar with the NACE Competencies attendees will identify ways that they have reached, or ways to develop, each competence through the completion of various activities and guided discussions. 

Tuesday 6/2

  10:00 AM - How the Student Recreation Building has Become the Focus of Campus 

Presenter: Robin Yeager and Spencer Flanagan of Fairmont State University

Description: The student Falcon Center is a multi-functional building on Fairmont State University campus. It serves as both the student recreation center, student union building where all dining occurs and conference services is housed. The Falcon Center offers a recreation facility for our students as well as hosting many internal and external events including fitness classes, leagues, camps, Student Life activities, Robotics, Weddings, concerts, conferences, etc. It is a process to schedule and accommodate all events that occur year round in the facility and not displace the student body. This presentation will share how recreational professionals can manage their leadership roles and prioritize the various needs of a college community all wanting to utilize the Falcon Center. 
  1:00 PM - Roundtable: Student Staff Development During COVID-19
Presenters: Corrine Pruett of West Virginia University Jonathan Sanders of Marshall University 
  3:30 PM - Presentation

Wednesday 6/3

  10:00 AM - Kenobi School of Mentorship: How the Death of Me Leads to Us
Presenters: David Gaskins of George Mason University, Dana Lopez of Wake Forest University, Chelsea Phipps of UNC-Greensboro, Shomari Kee of Northern Kentucky, & Justin Waters of East Carolina University

Description: This will be a panel presentation and will explore the topics of relationships, mentoring, and student development and provide insight into the relationships and mentors that shaped their careers and explore how they have given back to the profession by mentoring others. Panelists will be asked a variety of questions about their own personal experience with being mentored and what it meant to them, their theories and approaches to mentoring as professionals, the nature of mentoring relationships, having tough conversations, and providing safe space and support in those relationships. This session is designed for both students and professionals and will be a fun and interactive presentation that will highlight one of the true hallmarks of NIRSA - that of caring professionals and student development at its finest. 
  1:00 PM - Roundtables: Program Specific (Sports, Fitness & Wellness, Aquatics)
Sports Programming During COVID-19: Max Miller of Swarthmore College and Tina Mascaro of Fairmont State University

Fitness and Wellness Programming During COVID-19:
Spencer Flanagan of Fairmont State University Corey Buck of Marshall University

Aquatics Programming During COVID-19:
Jennifer Lainhart of Mylan Park
  3:30 PM - Tools and Strategies for Giving and Receiving Feedback
Presenter: Sam Iatarola of Marshall University

Description: Regardless of the setting, giving and receiving feedback effectively is an essential skill. This workshop will provide tips and tricks to giving and receiving feedback. During the workshop, attendees will have a chance to sharpen how they give feedback, and will take away feedback strategies and applicable tools for communicating intentionally.  

Thursday 6/4

  10:00 AM - Big Ideas, Tiny Resources
Presenter: Matt Levy of Shenandoah University

Description: The presentation will highlight some creative programming that can be done with limited resources. Limited resources do not just refer to money. We will provide attendees with some creative ways to look at scheduling shared-use facility space, collaborating with campus partners, using non-traditional spaces to run programs, and utilizing student workers to fill the roles that may be occupied by full-time employees on other campuses. This presentation will focus mainly on small school programs but may be applicable to larger-scale programs as well. 
  1:00 PM - Roundtable: Recovering and Transitioning Away from COVID-19
Presenter: Bob Gough of College of William & Mary

Description:What will Campus Recreation programs look like moving forward? We will talk through a typical academic year from staff training to commencement. We’ll brainstorm ideas related to staff training, special events, programs and facility use. Bring your ideas, your questions and your expertise!

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