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The Student Recreation Center is currently closed to most recreational activities. Many of our programs and events are happening virtually or at outdoor facilities. Visit our Coronavirus Updates page for the latest updates.

Wellness on Wheels Scavenger Hunt

Wellness on wheels scavenger hunt

Join Campus Recreation and partners for a campus scavenger hunt! Learn about different campus offices and resources on both the Evansdale and Downtown campuses.  Be the first to take a selfie at all 22 clue locations to win the Campus Recreation mega prize pack! The next 10 people to finish will also receive an exercise mat and Campus Recreation T-shirt! Competition ends on April 13th.

How to Play

  • Read all of the clues posted to this website to identify the various resource offices and campus locations on the scavenger hunt
  • Research and discover the locations hinted by the clues
  • Visit each of the locations and take a selfie with the "X - I've found a spot!" laminated flier at each location. If you have trouble finding the posted flier, take a selfie with the location trying to include a sign or location identifier
  • Once you have all your selfies , email with the following information:
    1. Your first and last name
    2. Your email
    3. All 22 clue locations you identified
    4. Attach five of your favorite selfie photos from the scavenger hunt (by emailing campus rec these photos you agree to allow them to be posted to social media)
    5. Tell us your favorite way to stay active

Evansdale Clues

#1 Clue: If you are on a quest to relieve a little stress while exercising your creative side in the process…this special place provides students, faculty, staff, alumni & retirees the opportunity to try out a wide variety of crafty options to choose from, including: pottery, stained glass, glass fusing, tie dye, beadwork, sewing & more

#2 Clue: Outside a beautiful building near Towers Residence Halls this spot is, where some students soak up some sun, enjoy a nap, visit with friends or study for a quiz. Suspended furniture tied with rope, so white and wide, stop by for a little swing or have a seat at a table nearby.

#3 Clue: On the third floor, a museum this is considered, which holds a wide variety of different Appalachian critters. Dozens of birds, insects, nests, reptiles, mammals & more are displayed in cases from ceiling to floor. There are tables where you can do your homework, or lounge in the comfy chairs to catch a little snooze – but you’ll always have lots of unique study buddies keeping their eyes on you!

#4 Clue: In this house made of plastic that sometimes glows, you’ll find many varieties of green things, fragrant blooms and watering hoses. At special times you can buy pretty flowers to surprise someone special you know, or maybe some veggies & herbs for the garden you hoe. You may get a bit dirty; but this is the place where they make everything grow!

#5 Clue: If you are on a quest to ‘dig deeper’ into the social, cultural and technical history of the coal, oil, and natural gas industries of West Virginia…this hands-on exhibit includes a wide selection of mining and drilling artifacts, including flame safety lamps, mine rescue equipment, canary cages, rare minerals, and model oil derricks, along with books, documents & historical photographs.

#6 Clue: If you are seeking answers to questions regarding your Student Account, Financial Aid, Academic Information, Scholarships, Work-Study, Student Employment or topics related to the University Registrar…this ‘one stop shop’ is the place that can provide the information you need!

#7 Clue: If you are looking to explore and experience the transforming power of art…this place offers a welcoming and stimulating environment for diverse audiences. You will find over 4,000 paintings, prints, works on paper, sculpture, and ceramics with messages for you from across the globe and over the centuries.

#8 Clue: If you are on a quest to still get in your daily workout while the Rec is closed, but don’t have the equipment available to pump some iron, swing a kettlebell or balance on a Bosu ball?…This nearby outdoor location has a wide variety of free fitness equipment to use. Just show your ID & your wellness check and you’re all set to check out the supplies you need to help you maintain your healthy habit!

#9 Clue: If you are seeking a place to speak with a trained professional that can offer support with your mental health, feelings about the many changes, transitions and self-exploration being a college student involves...this place provides a comfortable, welcoming & sensitive atmosphere to help you succeed & guide you to a more fulfilling life.

#10 Clue: If you are searching for top quality healthcare including wellness visits, vaccinations, on-site x-rays, lab services and other services such as urgent care, travel medicine services, behavioral medicine, and a pharmacy, this convenient location provides a wide variety of care right on campus!

#11 Clue: If you are searching for some peace and quiet amongst nature to calm your mind and soothe your heart…this wilderness gem offers foot trails, lawns with planted trees & shrubs, interpretive signs, trailside benches, an informational kiosk, native WV herbaceous plants & wildflowers and an ideal habitat for observing a wide variety of birds and animals…All within mere footsteps of campus!

Downtown Clues

#1 Clue If you want to explore the powerful career resource tools that are designed to meet the needs of WVU students and alumni such as developing your resume’, practicing interviews, learning how to dress to impress or job search strategy coaching…this is the place to work with a career development specialist who can help you be successful!”

#2 Clue If you are on a quest for making connections, getting involved in programming, learning about mentorship opportunities and support available for WVU students …stop by this place to utilize the many resources offered and ask questions regarding student organizations, student leadership programs & much more!

#3 Clue: If you are seeking programming and academic resources through the university’s educational social justice efforts such as trainings, classes and advocacy attention that address all aspects of inequality, this place provides a warm, comfortable atmosphere for organizing, socializing, teaching, and learning where all students, staff, faculty, and community members are welcome!

#4 Clue: If you are searching for safe ways to connect with other Mountaineers, try a new experience, just take a break & relax or express your artistic side - keep your eyes out for a colorful tricycle filled with complimentary refreshments, crafting kits, WELLWVU resources and information about fun, free programming & unique events!

#5 Clue: If you are interested in exploring more about WVU as a global institution and want learn more about education abroad opportunities and the resources available to assist our international community…this place is the where you can find that information and much more!

#6 Clue: If you are searching for support in ways to communicate more effectively in a variety of ways to enhance your academic success, this helpful place provides students the opportunity to work one-on-one with a trained peer consultant on everything from note-taking and pre-writing to revision strategies, editing, and effective presentation techniques.

#7 Clue: Through the front doors of the Downtown Library you should enter, then head straight back to a swirling staircase in the center. Up one flight you shall go, to find a lovely room with an earthly glow. Then tip toe up a staircase on either side where therein by the “Deep Quiet Zone” rules you must abide...shhhhhhh!

#8 Clue: If you are searching for information about educational, social and cultural support for African and African American students faculty, staff, and community members, this place provides critical support through the STARS program, offers research opportunities, and provides engaging and fun activities that can contribute to personal growth & development and so much more

#9 Clue: This independent, award-winning 24/7 digital-first media organization provides print, online, video and podcasting options of the latest news and information. Largely a student-run creative entity, it is proud of its role as a watchdog for the WVU community and of the generations of students who have honed journalistic, business and leadership skills while working there.

#10 Clue: If you are seeking a safe place where students can relax, study and hang out with others in any type of recovery, that also offers activities such as meditation, book study, arts & crafts, and special events like cooking classes, mindfulness classes & more, this place is the heart of WVU’s Collegiate Recovery Program.

#11 Clue: If you are on a quest to pursue solutions and discoveries that matter. Create ideas and take part in world-changing innovation and research. Reach the limits of what you can do and then keep going, this place can provide the help & resources for you to find out more about opportunities such as RAP, SURE, MURR and more!