RPTR 293 Experiential Learning & Facilitation

Course qualifies students for: Single Day & Overnight Program Facilitator - Job Description Here

Course Description and ApplicationsInstructions:

The Adventure WV Program is seeking OEC Facilitation Specialists for Summer 2019. The OEC Facilitation Specialist is a hybrid position of NSO Basecamp Leader and Outdoor Education Center Facilitator/Guide. This position is by application only. Accepted students will complete a training program during the Spring 2019 semester and during May 2019. Upon successful completion of training, staff will work a variety of programs scheduled the WVU Outdoor Education Center. This position typically runs between May–November. Students can elect to extend their appointment into the spring and summer months if they so choose.Flexible scheduling allows students to work during fall and spring semesters throughout the academic year. The nature of the work will vary from month to month. All staff must commit to all parts of the training and employment.

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Training Requirements:

ELF will run the last half of the spring semester. The course meeting time is TBA based on student academic schedules. The class is projected to meet once a week for a block of 3 hours.

The course will have multiple weekend training dates. These will be field based events.

  1. Outdoor Education Center On-Site Trainings:
    1. May 15-17 (Low Ropes - Mandatory)
    2. May 20-25 (High Ropes – Mandatory)
    3. May 28th (Pre-Basecamp Planning Day – Mandatory)

AWV also highly recommendsstaff obtain a Canopy Tour certification . To obtain this certification, students must obtain a canopy tour certification and complete a recognized class.

Employment Details:

For the month of June, staff will be employed as NSO Basecamp staff and WVU Outdoor Education Center hourly staff. Multiple Basecamp programs will run throughout the month of June (as many as 8 programs).Additional single day facilitation & maintenance work will also be available.

For the month of July and the first half of August, staff will work 10-20 hours per week at the Outdoor Education Center. Staff will be facilitating programs (low ropes and high ropes), working on the facility (general cleaning, maintenance, and upkeep), and completing other duties as assigned.Staff may request vacation time during these months. Pay rate is $9-10 per hour, depending on experience and certification level.

Staff will work full days at the Outdoor Education Center with Welcome Week, Sunday-Tuesday, August 18-20.

For the Fall & Spring Semesters, staff are scheduled as needed and when class schedules allow.Programs typically run through the end of November, and begin again late March.Total hours will vary depending on program schedulingand student availability. Retraining programs are usually scheduled once a month starting in September - running through the end of May.

Additionally, this course offers the opportunity to earn a widely recognizable canopy tour guide certification. This certification will permit students to become hourly Zip-Line Canopy Tour guides at the WVU Outdoor Education Center. This position will be in addition to the Facilitation Specialist position, and will result in additional work.

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