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WVU Club Sports - Required Participant Forms

All Fall 2019 WVU Club Sports participants must complete the following forms: Notice of Risks and Release and Code of Conduct can be submitted online. Healthworks Medical History must be printed, completed and submitted to the Competitive Sports office, no later than 4pm on September 1st, 2019.

Questions? Concerns? Contact for more info.

Administrative Forms

Attending Other Club Events Form Attending Other Club Events Submission Completed each time a club attends another club's events. Download and complete the "Events Form", then submit online using the "Events Submission".  
Coaching/Instructor Agreement
For any coach/instructor working with a club, required every year 
Community Service Roster Community Service Approval Required for approval prior to community service event/activity. Download and complete the "Service Roster", then submit along with the "Service Approval". 
Completed Community Service
Due after completing approval community service
Facility Request Form
Use to request space to host a game/match/tournament at Mylan Park, Student Rec Center, Evansdale Fields, Med Center Fields, etc. Due two weeks prior to event date 
HealthWorks Medical History 
Required for all participants in: Lacrosse (M/W), Rugby (M/W), Ice Hockey, Soccer (M/W), Cheer, Quidditch, Baseball, Softball, and Ultimate Frisbee (M/W) 
Practice Request Form
Complete by the deadline each semester
Purchasing Form
For purchasing equipment/league memberships/facility rentals
Post Season Fund Application Form Supplemental funding for clubs traveling to or competing at a national level competition. This can only be used by a club once per academic year.
Budget Request Form Due each spring to determine the budget allocation for the following academic year

Travel Forms

Travel authorizations are due 2 weeks prior to departure. 
Travel Authorization Due 2 weeks before weekend departure
Individual Reimbursement Form Due the Friday after return trip for individual reimbursements
Post Travel Result Form Due the Friday after return trip
Post Travel Reimbursement Form Due the Friday after return trip for club reimbursements

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