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Bench Against Bush Fires

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Written by: Terence Church  | WVUGo Sports and Active Lifestyles Writer

Mountaineer Powerlifting Club Looks To Lift Australia Past The Current Fires Heavily Impacting The Nation, By Benching Against The Bushfires.

Australia is currently facing one of its most impactful bushfires the nation has seen in years, with fires that are burning out of control. The fires have only become more destructive the longer it burns, it is estimated that the fires have damaged more than 2,000 homes, and at least 18 million acres of land. As of now it’s unaware of the exact toll the fires had on Australia’s wildlife, but it is estimated that at least a billion animals have perished. The fire continues to leaves its impact on the human and wildlife of Australia, but there has been a shine of light with people from all over giving generous donations to help start recovery.

As bushfires continue to spread across Australia, across the world tons of fundraisers and donations are being held, in response to helping those affected! The Mountaineer Powerlifting Club looked to get involved with the efforts to help, by collaborating with a local gym in Australia. The powerlifting club partnered with Gym 24/7, which is located in New South Wales; which was one of the states impacted most from bushfires. The fundraiser consists of entries benching for reps with the WVU powerlifting team, with the money going to the Wires Wildlife Rescue. The Wires Wildlife Program, is the largest wildlife rescue and rehabilitation charity located in Australia. The 2019 USPA Co-Ed Collegiate National Champs planned on hosting the American version of the Bench Against the Bushfire in collaboration with Gym 24/7, in an effort to raise as much money as they can for the program.

Bench Against Bushfires, WVU powerlifting, Campus News, Community

Bench Against the Bushfires was held on January 10th, at Mylan Park Pro Performance. The objective of Bench Against the Bushfires was for every rep someone completed, $1 was donated to the rescue organization. The fee to enter the fundraiser was $14 USD, a few generous donations of $20 made the conversion from AUD to USD keep them even. The Men who participated were encouraged to bench their body weight for reps, some of which who decided to use kilo plates rather than pounds. The Women who participated were encouraged to bench at least 75% of their body weight. A total of nine people participated in Bench Against Bushfires, achieving a whopping total of 135 reps. On the Men's side, Ricky Shipe was able to lead the way with 25 reps at 85kg, following closely behind was Richie Libero with 22 reps at 85kg. For the Women’s side, Monica Hinda was able to have a total of 5 reps at 97kg. A few contestants we’re able to record new PR’s, Nick Sia, decided on doing his AMRAP deadlifts; where he got 6 reps at 210kg!

The club ultimately was able to raise over $600 AUD for The Wires Wildlife Rescue, in an effort to help out in the efforts surrounding the bushfires currently ongoing. Overall, a few members were able to set a new PR along the way, and ultimately support their friends down under! If interested in seeing any footage from the fundraiser, go to @wv_powerlifting on Instagram.

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