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Do you have a love for sports or adventure?

Written by: Kenzie Pigott | WVUGo Media - Copywriter and Editor

The Reed College of Media has a unique opportunity to forge a career from your passion!

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Become an expert in your field while getting the hands on experience you need by majoring in Sports and Adventure Media in the Reed College of Media. Created in 2019, this new and exciting major completed its first semester this past fall.

The Sports and Adventure Media major is a unique blend of skills and knowledge from the Reed College of Media and the College of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences (CPASS). Students enrolled in the major will choose an area of emphasis between Sports Media and Adventure Media, adjusting the curriculum to their chosen area. The Reed College also partners with ESPNU to give students the opportunity to work with sports broadcast professionals in the field to gain valuable hands-on experience.

Students enrolled in the major will learn how to navigate the ever-shifting industry. According to Whitney Godwin, Recruitment Specialist for the Reed College of Media, “Storytelling for Adventure and Outdoor Recreation and storytelling for sport are a very unique type of storytelling with a lot of moving parts. The major really allows students to immerse themselves in the culture of the stories they are trying to tell.”

Communication is essential in any industry, and this major is a way for students to get a foot in the door through internships and opportunities outside of the classroom. “West Virginia is the perfect place for professional field experiences like whitewater rafting, rock climbing and mountain biking.” Godwin said. Students won’t have to roam far to experience the things they need to succeed in the industry, while living in West Virginia. Students who choose to emphasize in Adventure Media have an advantage, as the program is the first of its kind. According to Godwin this program is the only Adventure Media major in existence, so WVU students have the opportunity to be pioneers in the field.

Reed College Student Casting a Basketball Game  Photo by David Smith

Of course, the major is not all sideline reporting and adventures; there are required courses students must complete before diving into the field. Students enrolled in this major can expect to have a variety of classes between the Reed College of Media and CPASS, learning media basics and sport curriculum. “The major combines coursework in journalism and strategic communications with sports psychology and management, preparing graduates to enter an ever-changing digital media landscape and stand out as leaders in this field.” Godwin said.

The potential for career options is truly endless with a degree in Sports and Adventure Media. An emphasis in sports can take a graduate to the sidelines of their favorite professional team, behind the desk commentating for a leading industry name, or running social media platforms for teams. For the Adventure emphasis, the possibilities could take a graduate around the globe. Whether it be working for favorite travel companies to creating content while living the adventure lifestyle. “From snowboarding to football, the worldwide appetite for sports is insatiable. Fans want information fast and on-the-go, and employers are looking for professional communicators with specialized skills to handle the demand.” Godwin said. No matter the area of emphasis, a degree in Sports and Adventure Media will surely open many doors.


The Sports and Adventure Media major can be declared at any point in a student's collegiate career. To view examples of work students have already done for the major, visit Want to learn more about how a major in Sports and Adventure Media can help you achieve your career goals? Contact Whitney Godwin at to get started on your perfect journey!

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Kenzie Kenzie has been a senior writer for the WVUGo Media Team since August 2019. She is pursuing her degree in Multidisciplinary Studies with focuses in Advertising, Public Relations, Creative Writing and Interactive Media Design and anticipates graduating in May of 2020. 

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