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WVU Flag Football Team “The Pirates” Finds Gold


Written by: Samantha Higley | WVUGo Sports Writer

WVU Flag Football Championship

The Medical Science fields felt the thrill of competition as the Intramural Flag Football teams competed for the Intramural Championship. After a long day of play, the Pirates were crowned Men’s Recreational League Champions.

The team attributes their success to their consistent strategy and flawless execution from their players. Offense was strong, backed by a strong quarterback and receiving corp. The goal for offense was making short gains, and moving towards the end zone. The Pirates solid offense mean that the team was concentrating on its defense, with their default play being a blitz. A blitz is when two players rush the quarterback to contain them, enabling the offense to make a play. The quarterback (QB) on the Pirates would “spy” and make sure that the blitz kept the opposing team's QB in the backfield, and then the team would play man coverage. Man coverage is a formation in which a defensive back covers a specific offensive player. The combination of man coverage and blitz worked well for the Pirates, and helped propel them to victory.

Several players stood out in the championship match of the tournament. The key player of the game was Jack Grimm. Grimm is the quarterback, and played a consistent game that helped his team to victory. He was able to execute plays, and had some notable plays against the opposing team's wide receiver. Wil Bragg, the Defensive End, was another standout player. He had three sacks in the championship game, and was able to apply pressure against the offensive linemen. Overall, all of the players performed well on the field, and each hand a hand in securing the championship title. Their teammate Wes Spencer stated that they “has the most well rounded team in intramurals this year. [The players] all played [their] parts and played them well.”

Adrenaline and spirits were running high as the game drew to a close. The score was close, and the Pirates were beginning to feel anxious about their prospects of winning. Zach Savage was able to light a spark in the team when he had a pick-six. This touchdown reinvigorated the competitive edge of the team, and inspired them to fight harder to win the championship.

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Sam Samantha Higley is a freshman who began writing for WVUGO in August 2019 with an emphasis on Club and Intramural Sports. She plans to earn a degree in Neuropsychology with a minor in History. Samantha is also on the Club Volleyball team at WVU. 

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