Women's Swim

womens swim

On select Saturday afternoons throughout the semester, Women's Swim will be held at the E. Moore Hall pool on the downtown campus from 2:00-6:00pm.

Upcoming dates:
      • February 16th
      • March 2nd
      • April 6th
      • May 18th
Important notes:
  • This is an exclusive female swim opportunity for all female WVU students 
  • Female students and female spouses of students are invited to attend
  • Female spouses should bring their spouse's student ID for entry
  • Students should bring their WVU ID for entry
  • Attendees are to access the building through the garden gate on the right side
  • There is a short walk from the locker room to the pool area- please bring along a garment to wear if necessary
  • No children will be permitted

Contact Sandra Peppel for more information at sandra.peppel@mail.wvu.edu.